Positive Thought Day

Today I determined I would only have positive thoughts for myself, others and the Universe.  Sure, I have a multitude of worries and things I could focus on to drag me down, but you know what?  Those things will probably still be there tomorrow so I thought why not just give myself and the World a break and do no harm.

Negative thoughts are harmful.  It is the negative energy they produce.  You know how they say it’s easier to smile than frown?  Well it’s easier to think negative thoughts than positive ones.  Your mind is always conjuring thoughts, ideas, fears and anything else it can do to disrupt your ability to stay positive.  Unless you truly focus on what your mind is doing.

It’s a bit like training a puppy.  I mean you think it should be easy enough to just keep only positive thoughts in your head but after the first person cuts you off on the road or doesn’t say thank you for your holding the door open for them, well, how quickly do we devolve into a bundle of negative energy.  Couple outside influences with whatever may be weighing us down, addiction, abuse, financial issues, employment, family crisis, health problems, the list goes on and on, and it’s easy to see how you could stay negative.

Today was my test.  Could I, regardless of all that might be thrown at me, stay only in the positive?  It wasn’t easy.  By no means.  I caught myself again and again trying to revert back to that familiar cranky person that only sees a gray sky and not the rainbow and I had to remain vigilant and refocus every single time.  It could have been exhausting if not for the underlying good heart I put into the effort.  And really don’t the really good things happen in Life after some sort of struggle?

It’s now the end of the day and though I was tested I did manage to keep all my thoughts positive.  Even tiny ones.  I wished only Peace and Love for the Universe and all those beings I share it with.  I made sure I did everything that was asked of me with a smile and a true smile at that.  I realized that while I may not have the power to change the world, I do have the power to change how I view my experience day to day, therefore changing my Life itself.

It was a good day.  I even feel as though I have more energy even at the end.  I am at Peace.  And that is what I Hope each of you has tonight and every night.