No, I’m not calling anyone stupid, but I am going to point out how incredibly complicated we tend to make the simplest things…

We have been blessed with minds that allow us to think with great depth.  We have been blessed with hearts that allow us to feel great love.  We have been blessed with souls that allow us to feel compassion and empathy and millions of other feelings to make us human.

But, instead of accepting what is we tend to think too much, obsess, pick at, and tear down things we perceive as being undeserved or impossible.  We take the opportunity to succeed right out of our own hands by believing we can’t do or be something.  Maybe it’s because we were all taught that fairy tales are just that . . . tales and magic doesn’t exist in the world.

I, or course, disagree but you have to be able to clear away the complicated mess we tend to make of everything to get down to the simplest thing and then learn to appreciate what it is no matter how simple.

Reach for the stars, we are told.  That’s a lofty goal if ever there was one.  How about just enjoying the night sky and having gratitude that your piece of the sky is filled only with stars and not bullets or bombs.

Get to the top and you will be a success, we are told.  That’s great but in trying so hard to reach the top, sometimes at breakneck speed, you miss all the beauty of the mountain itself.  What if you enjoyed the view and the cool mountain air as you climb?  And what if you sit for a moment, or a day, or even a year and reflect on where you are and find joy in that place, rather than bemoan where you thought you should be?  There’s no time line but your time line in reality.

My point here is to find a way to enjoy this moment, the Now, even amid chaos.  Seek to find just one simple thing you can be grateful for.  How about waking up this morning and having one more day in this world?  

Today I could tell you was an absolute waste.  I, yet again, accomplished nothing I wanted to.  I could allow myself to be burdened by that, but I won’t because in the middle of not doing anything I deemed worthy of merit I heard my favorite bird song.  I truly felt Spring’s presence here and like the tiny things sprouting from the new earth I know I am yet again enjoying a rebirth of Self.  The million things I had to do today will be there tomorrow.  But today I existed in simply inhaling and exhaling the air and being fully conscious of it.

So stop over-thinking everything.  Worry is a waste of time.  Trust the Universe.  Love one another.  Keep it simple . . .





Yesterday, in the middle of an ordinary day I had this thought…

When where you are matches where you want to be . . that is true Bliss.

And it’s easier than you think when you take each moment, as only that moment.



Soup has got to be one of my most favorite things to eat and to make.  For me making soup is therapeutic.  It takes time to make a good pot which means I know while I’m in the process I am focused and aware of the moment I am in.  Making soup captivates me and for those moments I am aware of nothing else.

In the hours that pass in the creation of the soup I do jump ahead and let the smells that rise into the air and tickle my nose make me salivate in anticipation of what it will taste like in the end.  I have recipes for soup sure, but I seem, for whatever reason, to never make it the same way twice.  I am always adding something or deleting something.  It’s not that it wasn’t good the first time, I’m just a curious soul and I like to see what else I can layer my soup with.

Like my post below about quilts, I think soup also represents us all.  If we take all of the Happiness and Love we wish to see for the world and we continue to carry the Hope that one day we will see this world as we can see it Now in our Hearts and pour this Positive Energy into the Vessels that we are and share this energy with all those who are Open, then I believe we have the ability to make the most wondrous soup ever made.

I love soup for many reasons.  I love the time it takes.  How old some of the recipes are.  I love the Love that people put into their creations and I love the end result, the smile on the faces of those gathered around to sample what has been driving their taste buds mad for hours.  Soup is at its most basic form liquid Happiness when shared.  And I am glad to be able to have been given the skill to make that Happiness.

So, as the wind still howls and the snow drifts remain, I say, enjoy a bowl of homemade soup and enjoy pure Love & Happiness.

Peace to all We are.  Peace to the Soup from the Melting Pot called Humanity.


The Vessel

I believe we are Vessels and we are born into this world devoid of all things dark . . . Prejudice, Negativity, Sin, Hate, Greed, . . .

I believe we are Vessels full of all the beauty that is Creation and the Universe.  I believe when we come in to this world  we come believing in Magic and the Impossible and the Beauty of Dreams no matter how silly adults may make them out to be.

One only has to look at a child’s smile to realize this.

But, we forget as we move on through the Journey and we let the things that shouldn’t matter fill our Vessel until we find there may be no room left.

And then, if we are lucky, we move past the physical confines of the Vessel and we acknowledge we are limitless and beyond ending and that every ending we may perceive is only a beginning even though it may be one we do not immediately recognize.

So we empty the Vessel that is us at the WayStation of Life, the place of the Crossroads, the point we begin to look back on our lives to see what we are really made of and we begin again.

You are that empty Vessel.

What will you choose to fill it with Now?  Will it be with limitless Love and Light for all?  Will it be Peace and Beauty and the collective that is Humanity . . .

Or will it be with the negativity, fear and ego that will hold us all back?

It’s your choice.

It’s always your choice.


The Soul of Humanity

As one year comes to a close and another one begins, I, like many others wonder what the New Year will bring.  I’ve visualized, I’ve manifested, I’ve made sure to thank the Universe and I’ve tried to become more enlightened and awakened.  I realize not everything I set out to do was accomplished and I didn’t end every day in a state of Peace, but I tried. 

And that is exactly what I will do in the New Year.

I don’t make resolutions, I simply try to give myself and others more of me in a gentler more peaceful manner no matter the situation, no matter the individual.

It’s easy to embrace like-minded people, harder to embrace those who are different, looks, beliefs, economic status, whatever.  But there has never been a better time than right Now for everyone to turn around and begin to accept the world around them as it is, not as they wish it would be.  Sure, we can all dream and desire a better world but how about finding some love and appreciation for right Now.  This moment.

In order to be a part of Humanity one needs to be Humane in all things.  There is no room for hate in an enlightened individual.  Anger moves through you like the wind.  It is no more important to you than the cracks on the sidewalk.  

What matters most is that we continue to Love one another despite our flaws or perhaps we realize that one person’s flaws are another’s greatest strengths.  What breaks one person down can serve to bring up another.  There are no perfect souls.  Do not strive to be perfect, simply strive to Be.

But Be with everything you have.  Be In the Moment and In Love with the Moment.  And extend that amazing feeling of Knowing this is exactly where you are meant to Be . . . with others.

Recently someone mentioned to me that they weren’t concerned about the end of the world because they were a Believer and they would be moving on to a better place.  They felt sorry for the ones that would be Left Behind.  I thought about that for a few moments.  Can there really be a better place when we’ve left those who may need to be awakened most . . . behind?  I can’t buy into that.  We, every single one of us have a responsibility to others that share this Universe with us.  That means never giving up on your fellow humans.

Keep strong and keep your Light and Love stronger.  This is my wish for the Soul of Humanity in the New Year.


Share The Love

When was the last time you told someone you loved them?  When was the last time you told someone you appreciated them?  It could be someone close to you or a coworker you only share a shift with.  When was the last time you looked at the person helping you, waiting on you, ringing up your purchases, looked at them directly in their eyes and thanked them?  When was the last time you wished someone have a nice day . . . and genuinely meant it?

It should be obvious and something we do nearly every minute of the day when we encounter others, yet we don’t.  Like Golum we hoard our words of praise and love and ration them out, missing countless opportunities to pass on Positivity and thereby increase the good vibes in the Universe.

Why does it seem easier to bitch about the things going wrong in the world today, instead of discussing all the good that happens in one day, starting with the fact that you’ve been given one more day?

Living in the Now, means being aware that at any moment Life as you know it might change.  This isn’t meant to scare you.  It’s meant to allow you to release all the other things that weigh you down and take away the Joy of living on a minute by minute basis.

Love should be shared.  It should be spread and passed on, not kept under wraps.  You shouldn’t need to know me personally to wish me well or even love me.  I don’t need to know you to do the same.  Though we may never meet, my wish is the same as if we had, that you know you are loved and appreciated.  That you have a Purpose here in these moments far greater than simply paying bills or working at a job you hate to make ends meet.  You have all the power to make the world a better place.  It starts with you and your wish for everyone you meet to live in Joy and Love… and of course . . .


Quandary Part II…

Okay, so I understand how important it is to stay in the Moment and to always, always project Light and Peace even when others want nothing but total darkness.

But how does the world change on some major level when so many people don’t want to be positive or care so little about anyone else?  On a global scale, say fighting world hunger, of which we have the resources . . . why can we not get it together to do so?  Why do we simply let it happen?  

Same thing with disease and poverty.  We have the solutions yet there are many who would fight against a better world because it means sacrificing something on their end.  

And then there’s the violence in the world.  So many people just shrug their shoulders.  Or simply want things to remain as they are as violence has not impacted them.  Are they part of the problem?  If we do nothing but let it all flow, are we then part of the problem?  How do I reconcile myself with letting things go if by letting things go it perhaps perpetuates the existing problem?  How does the world ever change then?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a powerful quote by Gandi but to what level are we speaking of change?  Individual change of course but does this means doing something more?  Can you be at Peace being an instrument of change?

Is it action or inaction that causes the world to shift globally?  Do I stand up and join the chorus of those who are doing something, no matter how epic or how fruitless their fight for change may appear, or do I simply sit in my comfortable house, surrounded by comfortable things and trust the Universe will provide the solution?

I’m not sure I can just sit and watch the world go further into negativity, yet, everything I am learning says let it go.  How tangled up in the situations can I get and still remain Enlightened?  Is it selfish to remain in place when the rest of the world is moving, and not always in a good direction?

Ha.  I suppose I’ve just asked myself in a very round about way, what is my purpose…