Get Lost

One of my most favorite quotes of all time is…

“All those who wander are not lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkien

And this has proven to be true for me.  I’ve spent such a long time wandering in the weeds, making detours, backtracking and even winding up on the shoulder of the road of Life but I have never once felt truly Lost.  Somehow, I always knew whatever awaited me ‘beyond that far horizon’ would be mine . . . I just need to keep going to wherever there might be.

I wasn’t always introspective.  I didn’t always listen to my gut.  I didn’t always believe in myself. And I certainly didn’t appreciate being in the Moment.

I guess I was Lost for a bit, but I didn’t panic and eventually I Found myself again.

Being Lost sometimes means drifting away from what you used to do while you discover what you might Be.  It means shedding all the skins you inherited and adopted along the way until like that caterpillar in the cocoon you shed the safety of what you know for a chance to soar into whatever may be trusting all the while in both yourself and the Universe.

Others don’t always get this part of you.  Loads of people think if you have no immediate purpose and if you are not defined by society to fit in some sort of category and wear some sort of label then you are a freak or a threat and there’s something wrong with you.  To that I simply shrug my shoulders for mine is not to worry about the thoughts of others, mine is only to worry about the thoughts I have for both myself and others at all times and to keep them Positive and filled with Light and Love.

So, even today I feel as though my soul drifts from here to there.  My Path is not a straight one and for that I am eternally grateful because in the bends and the peaks and valleys are the delights I cannot see yet.  There are Lessons in those.  My pace isn’t always steady and yes, at times, I do falter under the weight of my own doubts, yet in the end I persevere and continue.

If this is being Lost I am beyond okay with that.

I say lose yourself.  Cast off all the things that define you and wander directionless and purposeless to see where the warm winds might guide you.  You may be surprised beyond your wildest dreams to see what you become when you leave everything else behind and allow yourself to be Open.




I am a simple person.  I do not have an extraordinary education.  What I’ve learned has come from the School of Hard Knocks, as my father used to say, or rather more by the seat of my pants than from any class or book.

Maybe I would be a different person had I studied harder in school.  Maybe I’d be further down the path toward Enlightenment if I’d have finished college.  Funny, but I think I’m okay with who I am . . . Now.  But it sure did take me a looooong time to get here.

If I know one thing about myself I know I am colorful.  My past is more akin to the peacock than the sparrow.  What I mean by ‘colorful’ is that I didn’t just have a peaceful life.  I worked hard and struggled harder but in those struggles and work, grew my character and  every situation gave me more color.

Some situations brought more darkness than light, while other memories still shine brightly.  There were many bold colors in my youth, perhaps a mark of fearlessness or stupidity, I’m not sure which. 🙂

There were times in my life when all the colors I’d collected were muted, washed out, and then there were times when everything was more vibrant than ever before.

This has been my life.

I never really appreciated the beauty of a quilt until now.  I look upon them with the same reverence one does with a precious treasure because I think we are all quilts.

We don’t go through life exposed to only one shade or color.  Just think of how boring that would be.  Instead, for better or worse, we are made up of all of our experiences, each one a different color.  By the time we are well into our lives, we are rich with the colors of our Life.

Since I do not believe in wasting time on regrets, I am thankful for the colors in the quilt that is me.  Here’s hoping you are too.


The Vessel

I believe we are Vessels and we are born into this world devoid of all things dark . . . Prejudice, Negativity, Sin, Hate, Greed, . . .

I believe we are Vessels full of all the beauty that is Creation and the Universe.  I believe when we come in to this world  we come believing in Magic and the Impossible and the Beauty of Dreams no matter how silly adults may make them out to be.

One only has to look at a child’s smile to realize this.

But, we forget as we move on through the Journey and we let the things that shouldn’t matter fill our Vessel until we find there may be no room left.

And then, if we are lucky, we move past the physical confines of the Vessel and we acknowledge we are limitless and beyond ending and that every ending we may perceive is only a beginning even though it may be one we do not immediately recognize.

So we empty the Vessel that is us at the WayStation of Life, the place of the Crossroads, the point we begin to look back on our lives to see what we are really made of and we begin again.

You are that empty Vessel.

What will you choose to fill it with Now?  Will it be with limitless Love and Light for all?  Will it be Peace and Beauty and the collective that is Humanity . . .

Or will it be with the negativity, fear and ego that will hold us all back?

It’s your choice.

It’s always your choice.


The Bus Driver

Throughout my lifetime I have spent many, many years convinced I was driving the bus.  I was in charge.  I was in control and I was going places.

It isn’t that I haven’t been places, I have, it’s just that the places I’ve been weren’t on my map of Life.

I had a plan when I was younger.  I knew what I’d achieve by each age and mark each age with an achievement.

There again, I’m not saying I haven’t achieved anything, it’s just that what I’ve achieved was never in my play book.

I went to a psychic once who asked me if my wrists gave me trouble.  I thought about it and realized at the time they did.  She laughed, flipped over a Tarot card which featured a woman standing on a chariot behind a team of horses, her wrists wrapped in the reins and she looked me straight in the eye and said, “stop driving the bus”.

No matter how much I tried, Life did not end up the way I’d planned it.  But it has been full and filled with everything I could possibly have dreamed of and then some.

I do believe there are things one should aim for and I do believe in having some sort of idea of what kind of Life you’d like to have and work toward that, but beyond that it’s pretty much out of your hands.  You do not control your destiny as much as you may wish to think you do.

Life happens.  It happens while you are fully awake and alert and it happens while you are sleeping.  It happens whether you want it to or not.  The trick it to roll with it.  

I find the more times I remain in neutral, the happier I am.  Oh, I meditate with Positivity and I try to manifest what I desire, but how it comes to me, well, that’s not really up to me and sometimes what I think I wanted wasn’t what I wanted at all and what I got instead, which I never really thought I wanted ended up being exactly what I wanted.  Got that?

Just let it go.  Sure you can sit in the driver’s seat occasionally.  You can even whisper in the ear of the driver where you might like to go, but when it all comes right down to it, the driver might have a better route or destination so just roll with it.

I’ve come to appreciate the Bus Driver very much.  My Life is never boring.  It has its challenges yet I get to see and appreciate things I might never have seen and appreciated if everything had gone the way I originally planned it and imagine what my Life would be like at this minute had the dreams of a six-year old actually panned out…

Circus anyone?

Take your hands off the wheel and enjoy the ride.


Fumbles and Stumbles

We all fail.

We all fall.

If you do not believe this or haven’t figured out a way to reconcile this Truth with yourself, then you will be a very unhappy person throughout your life.

We all make mistakes.  There is no perfect.  With the mistakes comes the Learning, if you are open and do not seek to blame others.  Accept responsibility for your actions and acknowledge that you will, at times, even with the best of intentions, stumble along the Road of Life.

Humility is a great quality that seems to be severely lacking these days.  When you admit you are wrong, you then allow the lesson to be learned.

But, here’s the more important part . . . Life is a collaborative effort.  You are part of a Team called the Human Race.  You can choose to ignore the coaching and the encouragement but it remains.  Everyone is in this together.  You are never alone.  Only you will consider this thought to be untrue.

Even when you are miles from another human being you are still not alone.  There is a Cosmic Consciousness that exists.  It requires no special knowledge, no secret password only your Belief that it is there, always there, no matter what.  No judgement.  Only Forgiveness.  It just Is.  Just as you just Are.

And You and It are One.

So the next time you feel as though you may have done something that harmed someone else or yourself, pick yourself up and apologize and Listen to the lesson so that you do not stumble in the same place again, but keep moving forward . . . ever moving forward on the Path.

As they say, ‘Shit Happens’, but it’s what you do with it that makes all the difference.


Into The Fire

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries and the situations that arise aren’t always positive no matter how much personal growth you’ve got under your belt.

Recently, I had to enter into the fire in order to stay true to myself.  I had to stand up for my integrity and that meant challenging others who viewed themselves as my superior in the workplace.  Unfortunately, just because YOU’VE grown spiritually doesn’t mean others have.  In fact that’s probably the most common situation and the least humorous, (read: trying)

 Into each life a little rain must fall but whether you view that rain as a negative or a positive is entirely up to you and the outcome will stem from how you view the situation.

Knowing I had to suit up so to speak and gird myself for the battle, I asked the Universe to help me find the right words.  The Universe responded quickly, like a slap upside the head, and I heard these words very clearly:

‘If you approach a situation with hostility, you will be met with hostility.’

Yes, I’d been feeling threatened.  Yes, my ego was running wild.  Yes, I had given my power to others due to my feelings of anger and resentment.  And . . . yes, I was feeling rather hostile.  What I’d meant by the request to give me the words was to make sure I didn’t drop any F-bombs… (look, I said I was on the Path, NOT that I’d made it to the finish line).  Sigh.

So, when I received the message I immediately changed my tact.  Instead of approaching everyone with the slow burning anger that had been fueling the days prior to this meeting, I let it all go and focused on what I wanted, not just for me, but for everyone involved.  Was it ridiculous?  No.  I wanted everyone to shed their egos and come to this place Open and with the intent to work for the greater good.

I let go of the Fear.  I spoke calmly and clearly and with purpose.  Without any emotion.  Emotion equals ego.

And you know what?

Everything fell into place.  People listened.  They agreed.  They admitted mistakes and they promised going forward things would be different.  We all agreed to move forward together and instead of pointing out our differences as a negative, we determined we would celebrate each person’s individual style as long as we all accomplished the goal we set for ourselves.

I’m still a bit stunned.  This was a high profile meeting that I felt, early on, I had no chance of being heard at . . . and then, simply by letting go and trusting the Universe, everything fell into place.


Still awed.

I hope each and every one of you experiences the difference you make when you change how you approach a situation.  It truly can be amazing.

In gratitude.


. . . And ACTION!

Camera zooms in…

You are seated in a room.  You are alone.  You are lost in thought.

Are you happy?  How do you know?

Are you really Living? Not just breathing.

How do you know?

Do you give everything you have to everything you do?

Is your heart full?

Do you smile all the time regardless of who might be looking at you?

Do you face every challenge knowing to do so with peace will change the outcome?

What?  You don’t do these things?

Did you know you have the power?  Did you know in the movie that is your life…, the movie that is playing right now with you as the star, you have the ability to rewrite the script?  You and no one else, unless you give them that power.

You are writing your life.  Every minute of it.  It’s how you think and how you feel and how you perceive.  It’s all you baby.

Some want to blame others for where they are at but part of the growing process is that you accept the responsibility for your own life.  Yes, you may have been given a crappy hand from birth but you determine what happens with how you handle everything that comes to you every minute of every day.

You are the star and your are the Director of this show.  So, I say, make it everything your heart desires.  Do away with the senselessness of hate and keep only Love in your heart and soul and give that Love to everyone you meet.  This is the movie you should be starring in.  

It took me a long, long time to get to this point but every single day I receive affirmations that this is really what its all about.  We are all Love, from Love, by Love and the minute we determine that is what we want to be our world changes in ways we never imagined.

Give yourself the power to change the movie.