Yesterday, in the middle of an ordinary day I had this thought…

When where you are matches where you want to be . . that is true Bliss.

And it’s easier than you think when you take each moment, as only that moment.



Old Wounds and Demons

You can run from your demons.  You can try to hide from them.  In the end though, I think you have to make peace with them, or at least accept that they’ll always be a part of you.  I don’t believe you can exorcise them but maybe, just maybe they will diminish their hold with time or at least not make their presence known very often.

For the most part I’m at peace with my past.  My demons and I have come to terms.  I realize they will always be with me but that doesn’t mean I will be held back by them.  It was important at some point to excavate the dark places within me, dark places we all have, to shed proverbial light on them so I could stop letting them rule me and my life choices.

The thing about old wounds and demons is that sometimes you have no idea they are running your life until you do really take the time to figure out why you’ve hit a wall or why the same negative patterns keep repeating.  You have to go so far down the rabbit hole and into what feels like the crawl space of the Universe to the source of your souls’ unrest.

I think everyone has a Dark Night of Soul.  For some it takes a short period of time but for others like me, it takes years to move beyond the things that hurt you deeply.  Old wounds have that power.  They can hurt even though you think they’ve healed.

Last night, as I began to shut my mind down, images of my childhood abuse came up front and center.  I wasn’t thinking about my past and still today have no clue as to why my mind decided to play these movies on a continuous loop.  In the past I would have spent hours reliving these nightmares but thankfully time and much learning have helped me to be able to change my thoughts.  I breathed deeply and filled my mind with other more productive thoughts like wishing Peace and Love out from me to the Universe.  Soon I fell asleep.

It has been many, many years since I was young and yet the old wounds and demons are still there deep down inside.  Who knows why they choose to resurface.  Maybe it’s the full moon, or that my energy level is down, or maybe it has to do with global warming and continental shifts.  I don’t know.  I just know that like meeting an acquaintance from the past I acknowledge them and move on.  Yes, the wounds are there.  Yes, I will not just survive, but thrive.

I sincerely hope that each of you wrestling with whatever brings you down can learn to put the demons in their place and find a way to overcome the obstacles that hold you back.  The mental ones are hell to deal with but deal with them you must.

Life in all its messy glory is meant to be Lived to its fullest.  No regrets.  No time wasted because time is something you can’t get back.

Live.  Learn.  Move on.  Wounds, Demons and all.



Soup has got to be one of my most favorite things to eat and to make.  For me making soup is therapeutic.  It takes time to make a good pot which means I know while I’m in the process I am focused and aware of the moment I am in.  Making soup captivates me and for those moments I am aware of nothing else.

In the hours that pass in the creation of the soup I do jump ahead and let the smells that rise into the air and tickle my nose make me salivate in anticipation of what it will taste like in the end.  I have recipes for soup sure, but I seem, for whatever reason, to never make it the same way twice.  I am always adding something or deleting something.  It’s not that it wasn’t good the first time, I’m just a curious soul and I like to see what else I can layer my soup with.

Like my post below about quilts, I think soup also represents us all.  If we take all of the Happiness and Love we wish to see for the world and we continue to carry the Hope that one day we will see this world as we can see it Now in our Hearts and pour this Positive Energy into the Vessels that we are and share this energy with all those who are Open, then I believe we have the ability to make the most wondrous soup ever made.

I love soup for many reasons.  I love the time it takes.  How old some of the recipes are.  I love the Love that people put into their creations and I love the end result, the smile on the faces of those gathered around to sample what has been driving their taste buds mad for hours.  Soup is at its most basic form liquid Happiness when shared.  And I am glad to be able to have been given the skill to make that Happiness.

So, as the wind still howls and the snow drifts remain, I say, enjoy a bowl of homemade soup and enjoy pure Love & Happiness.

Peace to all We are.  Peace to the Soup from the Melting Pot called Humanity.


The Escape Hatch

Perhaps it was because of the way I was raised . . .  We weren’t allowed to watch television endlessly, heck, for many years we didn’t have television and when everyone else it seemed had such things as cable and VCRs, we still had only one black and white set with those really long rabbit ears that got more fuzz than picture most days anyway.

 When I was younger we were allowed to choose which program we wanted to watch per week and that was that.  During that hour we could watch the television uninterrupted but after that there was no television unless you happened to like what your siblings were watching.

Back then we were living in a very rural place.  The end of our street literally gave way to the mountains and nearly every day and long into the evening once the days grew longer in summer, I, along with the other neighborhood kids ventured off into those woods to undertake grand adventures with swords of fallen twigs and tiny canoes made of tree bark which we raced down the river that cut through the dense forest of tall pines.

I’m not sure if my parents ever worried, but we always came home before dark (tho we did push it to the very limit of what darkness meant to be sure!).  We were not dependent on man-made things but on our own creativity and the beautiful playground nature provided.  There were no malls and only one grocery store slash post office in town.  On rare weekends we would pile into the old station wagon and head to the local watering hole on main street where they would serve popcorn and juice to the kids while playing children’s movies on a very old, worn projector.

At school, since the playground was vast and also surrounded by trees and woodlands, we ran around until we were exhausted at recess.  There wasn’t any need for P.E. because we always wanted to be outside even in the snow.

 I grew older and we moved to places more populated, but the idea of television and malls just wasn’t on my radar screen.  I learned to be okay by myself, to entertain myself.

I don’t watch much television today.  Sure, it might be on, talking to itself somewhere, but I’m not hostage to it like so many people I know.  I don’t follow any program consistently and I don’t really watch the news.  Recently, I noticed while busy in another room that the only sounds coming from the television were those of anger and hate.  I flipped the channel and it was more of the same, violence, people cursing each other, people crying, it was all so negative.  And it was enough to drown out that soft, gentle enlightened voice inside me, so I turned it off.

I think, and remember this is only my opinion, we have not necessarily grown better with the advent of television or perhaps even the Internet . .  the media.  A little goes a long way.  You have to know when to shut it off and when to tune it out and if you find yourself day after day wallowing in some depressed and negative haze, then stop allowing those things to beam themselves into your consciousness.  They can be destructive.  They can produce fears you didn’t even know you had.  They can control.

The Escape Hatch is there.  You simply have to turn your back on the constant stream of information and noise surrounding you.  The stream that tells you you aren’t good enough until you have this or that or you lose this many pounds or have that person in your life.  The stream that tells you that the people in the next country might want to kill you and that you should be mistrustful of people who look different than you.  Nothing good comes from these messages and yet they are all around you all the time.

Your brain is never silent.  It is filled with all kinds of narrative based on what you’ve been taught.  If your brain is already filled to bursting with negative things, how then can you ever claim enough silence to hear your mind, heart and soul speak?

I say find the hatch and get through it.  Learn to love the silence.  Listen to those other parts of you that remind you, you are an incredible being of light and you are loved even if you don’t think you feel that love at times.  Listen to the whispers that tell you, you are in control of your own destiny and you can help heal the earth and others with your positive thoughts.  Spend time in thought, real, true, meaningful, mindful thought.  It doesn’t mean you have to sit and meditate though that is a great thing… I found my awareness of the Now simply by plucking the seeds from a Pomegranate today.  A simple act with limitless results.  Not only did my juice taste amazing, but my thoughts were amazing as well.

If this world brings you down, know it isn’t this world but those that control what you hear and see.  Turn them off.  Find inspiration in the sunrise and the solitude, or in the gently falling flakes just before greedy night swallows them up.  Spend a few minutes each day without the noise of your television, computer, newspapers, magazines, phone, etc., to simply Be.


Share The Love

When was the last time you told someone you loved them?  When was the last time you told someone you appreciated them?  It could be someone close to you or a coworker you only share a shift with.  When was the last time you looked at the person helping you, waiting on you, ringing up your purchases, looked at them directly in their eyes and thanked them?  When was the last time you wished someone have a nice day . . . and genuinely meant it?

It should be obvious and something we do nearly every minute of the day when we encounter others, yet we don’t.  Like Golum we hoard our words of praise and love and ration them out, missing countless opportunities to pass on Positivity and thereby increase the good vibes in the Universe.

Why does it seem easier to bitch about the things going wrong in the world today, instead of discussing all the good that happens in one day, starting with the fact that you’ve been given one more day?

Living in the Now, means being aware that at any moment Life as you know it might change.  This isn’t meant to scare you.  It’s meant to allow you to release all the other things that weigh you down and take away the Joy of living on a minute by minute basis.

Love should be shared.  It should be spread and passed on, not kept under wraps.  You shouldn’t need to know me personally to wish me well or even love me.  I don’t need to know you to do the same.  Though we may never meet, my wish is the same as if we had, that you know you are loved and appreciated.  That you have a Purpose here in these moments far greater than simply paying bills or working at a job you hate to make ends meet.  You have all the power to make the world a better place.  It starts with you and your wish for everyone you meet to live in Joy and Love… and of course . . .