You Gotta Have Faith

So . . ., the other day I was involved in a robbery.  Well, wait, let me clear that up, I mean I was involved in trying to get what was taken back.  An older woman was the victim of a purse snatching.  Another woman came to me to tell me she saw a couple take a woman’s purse.  It’s funny but it didn’t take me more than a few seconds to process the information.   I asked where the couple went and I was told they had headed to a parking lot. I took off running and sure enough witnessed one person running while another person sat behind the wheel and yelled at the other one to hurry up.

Not having my phone (which would have been awesome in hindsight for a few reasons) or anything to write on, I stood across the aisle from the car trying to memorize the license plate, make and model of the car.  I know they saw me and I realize now how silly that might have been in terms of my own safety but I was on adrenaline at that point.  Stealing isn’t right in any circumstance but stealing from an ancient-looking older lady is more despicable.

I went back into the store I was at and found the woman whose purse was stolen.  Apparently she was so engrossed in a book she didn’t notice her purse being stolen (?!) even though the couple were practically standing on her at one point and she did think that was odd.  I told her the police were on their way and hopefully with the license plate number they could find the thieves.  I tried to reassure her as best I could.  Thankfully, she had her car and house keys on her as well as a cell phone.

I gave the information I had to the police as did the woman who first alerted me to the theft.  Turns out I must have missed a letter or a digit because the police told me when they arrived that the plate turned up nothing.  I was seriously disheartened.  I want to believe in the good of people and while I know times are hard, making someone else’s life miserable to make yours better is not the way to go.

That night I thought long and hard about the incident and questioned the Universe as to why I had even been involved.  What was the lesson here?  To not believe people are inherently good?  To discover people suck?  I was confused and a bit angry.

The next morning with the whole purse snatching incident on my mind after a restless night, I asked the Universe to show me that my Faith in mankind was justified.  I asked that somehow even though the police couldn’t find the car, maybe the people who committed the crime were scared when they saw me staring at their plate and threw the purse out the window somewhere nearby, or that somehow the police were able to catch the thieves.

I went back to the store surprised to learn the exact thing I hoped for had happened.  The thieves did indeed toss the purse but it wasn’t the police who found it.  Turns out the driver of a garbage truck spotted the purse on his early morning run.  He picked it up, read the address on the drivers license and delivered it to the elderly woman.  She called the store to let them know that everything was inside.

Whether it was due to guilt or something else I’m happy the thieves tossed the purse.  I’m happy it was recovered by an honest person who then returned it to its owner.  While I am disheartened by the act of the theft itself and wish for all the world those who did it will find a better way to earn a living, I know that losing my Faith in Humanity is not the answer.

You gotta have Faith in yourself and your fellow men and women.  If you don’t what’s the point of living in this world?  We are all One whether we choose to believe it or not.  What happens to one of us happens to all of us and the sooner more people get this the happier we will all be.

Until then I will still Believe in all of Us.




Soup has got to be one of my most favorite things to eat and to make.  For me making soup is therapeutic.  It takes time to make a good pot which means I know while I’m in the process I am focused and aware of the moment I am in.  Making soup captivates me and for those moments I am aware of nothing else.

In the hours that pass in the creation of the soup I do jump ahead and let the smells that rise into the air and tickle my nose make me salivate in anticipation of what it will taste like in the end.  I have recipes for soup sure, but I seem, for whatever reason, to never make it the same way twice.  I am always adding something or deleting something.  It’s not that it wasn’t good the first time, I’m just a curious soul and I like to see what else I can layer my soup with.

Like my post below about quilts, I think soup also represents us all.  If we take all of the Happiness and Love we wish to see for the world and we continue to carry the Hope that one day we will see this world as we can see it Now in our Hearts and pour this Positive Energy into the Vessels that we are and share this energy with all those who are Open, then I believe we have the ability to make the most wondrous soup ever made.

I love soup for many reasons.  I love the time it takes.  How old some of the recipes are.  I love the Love that people put into their creations and I love the end result, the smile on the faces of those gathered around to sample what has been driving their taste buds mad for hours.  Soup is at its most basic form liquid Happiness when shared.  And I am glad to be able to have been given the skill to make that Happiness.

So, as the wind still howls and the snow drifts remain, I say, enjoy a bowl of homemade soup and enjoy pure Love & Happiness.

Peace to all We are.  Peace to the Soup from the Melting Pot called Humanity.


The Soul of Humanity

As one year comes to a close and another one begins, I, like many others wonder what the New Year will bring.  I’ve visualized, I’ve manifested, I’ve made sure to thank the Universe and I’ve tried to become more enlightened and awakened.  I realize not everything I set out to do was accomplished and I didn’t end every day in a state of Peace, but I tried. 

And that is exactly what I will do in the New Year.

I don’t make resolutions, I simply try to give myself and others more of me in a gentler more peaceful manner no matter the situation, no matter the individual.

It’s easy to embrace like-minded people, harder to embrace those who are different, looks, beliefs, economic status, whatever.  But there has never been a better time than right Now for everyone to turn around and begin to accept the world around them as it is, not as they wish it would be.  Sure, we can all dream and desire a better world but how about finding some love and appreciation for right Now.  This moment.

In order to be a part of Humanity one needs to be Humane in all things.  There is no room for hate in an enlightened individual.  Anger moves through you like the wind.  It is no more important to you than the cracks on the sidewalk.  

What matters most is that we continue to Love one another despite our flaws or perhaps we realize that one person’s flaws are another’s greatest strengths.  What breaks one person down can serve to bring up another.  There are no perfect souls.  Do not strive to be perfect, simply strive to Be.

But Be with everything you have.  Be In the Moment and In Love with the Moment.  And extend that amazing feeling of Knowing this is exactly where you are meant to Be . . . with others.

Recently someone mentioned to me that they weren’t concerned about the end of the world because they were a Believer and they would be moving on to a better place.  They felt sorry for the ones that would be Left Behind.  I thought about that for a few moments.  Can there really be a better place when we’ve left those who may need to be awakened most . . . behind?  I can’t buy into that.  We, every single one of us have a responsibility to others that share this Universe with us.  That means never giving up on your fellow humans.

Keep strong and keep your Light and Love stronger.  This is my wish for the Soul of Humanity in the New Year.