No, I’m not calling anyone stupid, but I am going to point out how incredibly complicated we tend to make the simplest things…

We have been blessed with minds that allow us to think with great depth.  We have been blessed with hearts that allow us to feel great love.  We have been blessed with souls that allow us to feel compassion and empathy and millions of other feelings to make us human.

But, instead of accepting what is we tend to think too much, obsess, pick at, and tear down things we perceive as being undeserved or impossible.  We take the opportunity to succeed right out of our own hands by believing we can’t do or be something.  Maybe it’s because we were all taught that fairy tales are just that . . . tales and magic doesn’t exist in the world.

I, or course, disagree but you have to be able to clear away the complicated mess we tend to make of everything to get down to the simplest thing and then learn to appreciate what it is no matter how simple.

Reach for the stars, we are told.  That’s a lofty goal if ever there was one.  How about just enjoying the night sky and having gratitude that your piece of the sky is filled only with stars and not bullets or bombs.

Get to the top and you will be a success, we are told.  That’s great but in trying so hard to reach the top, sometimes at breakneck speed, you miss all the beauty of the mountain itself.  What if you enjoyed the view and the cool mountain air as you climb?  And what if you sit for a moment, or a day, or even a year and reflect on where you are and find joy in that place, rather than bemoan where you thought you should be?  There’s no time line but your time line in reality.

My point here is to find a way to enjoy this moment, the Now, even amid chaos.  Seek to find just one simple thing you can be grateful for.  How about waking up this morning and having one more day in this world?  

Today I could tell you was an absolute waste.  I, yet again, accomplished nothing I wanted to.  I could allow myself to be burdened by that, but I won’t because in the middle of not doing anything I deemed worthy of merit I heard my favorite bird song.  I truly felt Spring’s presence here and like the tiny things sprouting from the new earth I know I am yet again enjoying a rebirth of Self.  The million things I had to do today will be there tomorrow.  But today I existed in simply inhaling and exhaling the air and being fully conscious of it.

So stop over-thinking everything.  Worry is a waste of time.  Trust the Universe.  Love one another.  Keep it simple . . .




The Journey

No one can take the Journey for us.

This we must do alone.

Success or failure are only words and do not halt the progress of Soul towards Enlightenment.

There is no turning back and no regretting one’s actions.

Our time is fleeting.

And forward progress the only course.

You have all you need for this Journey . . .

Trust your Self.


The Soul of Humanity

As one year comes to a close and another one begins, I, like many others wonder what the New Year will bring.  I’ve visualized, I’ve manifested, I’ve made sure to thank the Universe and I’ve tried to become more enlightened and awakened.  I realize not everything I set out to do was accomplished and I didn’t end every day in a state of Peace, but I tried. 

And that is exactly what I will do in the New Year.

I don’t make resolutions, I simply try to give myself and others more of me in a gentler more peaceful manner no matter the situation, no matter the individual.

It’s easy to embrace like-minded people, harder to embrace those who are different, looks, beliefs, economic status, whatever.  But there has never been a better time than right Now for everyone to turn around and begin to accept the world around them as it is, not as they wish it would be.  Sure, we can all dream and desire a better world but how about finding some love and appreciation for right Now.  This moment.

In order to be a part of Humanity one needs to be Humane in all things.  There is no room for hate in an enlightened individual.  Anger moves through you like the wind.  It is no more important to you than the cracks on the sidewalk.  

What matters most is that we continue to Love one another despite our flaws or perhaps we realize that one person’s flaws are another’s greatest strengths.  What breaks one person down can serve to bring up another.  There are no perfect souls.  Do not strive to be perfect, simply strive to Be.

But Be with everything you have.  Be In the Moment and In Love with the Moment.  And extend that amazing feeling of Knowing this is exactly where you are meant to Be . . . with others.

Recently someone mentioned to me that they weren’t concerned about the end of the world because they were a Believer and they would be moving on to a better place.  They felt sorry for the ones that would be Left Behind.  I thought about that for a few moments.  Can there really be a better place when we’ve left those who may need to be awakened most . . . behind?  I can’t buy into that.  We, every single one of us have a responsibility to others that share this Universe with us.  That means never giving up on your fellow humans.

Keep strong and keep your Light and Love stronger.  This is my wish for the Soul of Humanity in the New Year.


A Different Kind of Bird

Have you ever, on your journey towards enlightenment, felt alone among those you count as your closest friends?  Sometimes, the Journey must be taken alone.

Once, a long time ago, in a fabled place, every bird man could possibly conceive of, lived in harmony.  With feathers every color of the rainbow and song as heavenly as a chorus of angels these birds recognized that though they may appear different and though each of them had a distinct call, they were all the same.

Peacocks, and chickens and sparrows and seagulls all chose to live together.  It was a beautiful place and each bird understood its limitations, but this did not dampen their desire to sing their song.  Some of the birds that could not take flight even though they had wings and feathers, wished they could soar high above the land while other birds, those that could fly, often wondered if they could fly even higher. 

In the end, each bird was content with what they were.  The dreams they had were fleeting and in the every day world they did what birds do without complaint.

But there was one bird, a tiny bird insignificant in color whose voice could never be distinguished from all the other voices of birdsong, that wanted something more.  This bird wanted to be enlightened.  It wanted to know more, to be more than what it perceived itself to be.  It wanted to fly but not just into the clouds, it wanted to fly far up into the sky to the very sun itself.  It was content to be a bird but it wanted to be a bird that touched the sun.

When the other birds discovered this they teased the little bird.  They told the bird it was stupid to think about something impossible.  They laughed and tried to change the little bird’s way of thinking about itself and the world around it.  Some of the birds did it from a place they thought was love.  They knew no bird could touch the sun, it would be too hot.  They didn’t want the bird to be hurt.  Others did it from a place of envy.  They had never dreamt as big as the little bird and they didn’t think it right that the little bird should do so.  Some were angry that the little bird should ever dare to rise higher then they thought it was meant to.

None of this deterred the little bird however and one bright, beautiful day, with clouds that looked like cotton balls scudding across the blue sky, it made up its mind.  It first flew to the tallest tree.  Then to the highest mountain.  And finally, when there was no higher perch, it soared.  It kept soaring never looking down, always looking ahead.  It beat its tiny wings and felt its heart pounding a thunderous rhythm.  Yet, it kept going, even when the air became thin, it just kept going.  

It ignore all doubt, all fear and kept on its Path.  It did not listen to the other birds that did not understand.  It simply did what it thought it could do, what its soul said it could do.  Even when all the other birds failed to understand what it was the little bird was trying to accomplish within itself, the little bird continued.

And finally it touched the sun.  

You can take meaning from this however you wish.

I wish you Peace.

Every Day

Every day I fail.

Let me say that again on the off chance you think you didn’t read it right the first time…

Every.  Day.  I.  Fail.  Every single day I wake with the knowledge that somewhere, in some way, I will fail.

Many would say this is a pessimistic view.

I say it is a realistic view of being human.

Whether by word or thought or deed, I fail to match my behavior with what’s in my soul.


Because, my soul aspires to be so much more enlightened.  My soul wants my mind to let go and believe and trust in the Universe.  My soul wants me to always live only in the moment.  My soul wants me to embrace the impossible, to practice tolerance, to show compassion, to grant mercy, to just BE.

My ego does not want to give in to what my soul wants.

My heart, being of the unconditional sort, loves both my ego and my soul and wistfully wishes they could co-exist.

Ying.  And Yang.

But, what makes it bearable to know before my feet even touch the floor that I will fail, is that I am Learning and I am Loved.  And this is exactly where I need to be, in this moment.  I am learning to trust things greater than myself.  I am learning to love myself.  I am learning that much of my life is in my control.  I am learning to have patience in the grander Plan.

Failure is not fatal if you learn.  So every day I learn.  Every failure is an opportunity to grow.  So every failure serves a purpose.  This I must remind myself . . .

Every. Day.



Me, Myself & I

Okay, look, I know this blog post will probably rub some people the wrong way, but remember, these are just the musings of one individual who sometimes gets a bit lost in the weeds while trying to find the path to enlightenment.  That being said here’s my thought today…

The word selfish implies a person who is totally focused on themselves.  Someone who never extends themselves to others, always thinks of themselves first and should really walk around with a mirror because they are their biggest fan…

Now, yes, I do think there may be a few things wrong about being selfish, however, if we do not love ourselves how can we expect others to do so?  People who are afraid or have been hurt in their past and cannot see their way to trust a new person, will never find that relationship that lasts.  This is because they do not allow themselves to be number one in their lives.

Oh, I know, people will say once you have children, or you are married, your priorities change and you are no longer the priority, but I take issue with that.  If we could all get past the guilt of actually allowing ourselves to feel that we are worthy of our own respect and love, well then maybe we could actually allow others to love us.

I admit, I am selfish with my time.  I know when I am overworked, when I haven’t gotten enough sleep, when I’m not at my best and if I were to pretend I was anything other than these things I would extend myself to another and it would be under false pretenses.  I want to be all in, all the time.  I don’t want to fake a thing.  Life’s too short.  So, when I agree to go out with friends, or show up at a party or even a family function, I want to really be there.  I don’t want to be there out of any sense of obligation, or because someone made me feel bad if I didn’t show.  I don’t want to listen to my friends with half an ear and then not remember what they said later simply because I felt bad about saying I was too tired.  I know people don’t want to hear you’re too busy.  After all you’re their friend, you should never be too busy to hang out, but reality is, if you want my undivided attention then you’ll deal with my annoying propensity to hibernate more often than not.  Us creative types often do this and it’s not meant as disrespect to any of our loved ones.

So, I guess then, because I’ve spent a large part of my life working on myself, I may be considered a selfish Ahole.  Okay (shrugs), I guess I can accept that, but that’s okay because by knowing myself, and by honoring myself, I am not some cheap imitation of myself around others.  I get the guilt trips when I don’t show up at places where I’m expected but hey, rather I don’t show, than forget five minutes after I’ve spoken to you what you’ve said.

If loving myself means somehow I am doing something wrong, well, I can live with that.  I couldn’t even begin to enter into any sort of relationship until I loved me.  I have to find myself worthy before anyone else can.  I have to believe I’m awesome before I’m going to believe it if and when anyone else decides to say so.