I don’t just want to Live . . .

I want to Live Fearlessly.

I want to walk down the street and smile at the strangers who approach.  I don’t want to frown or scowl.  I don’t want to fill my head with suspicion or unwarranted judgement.  I just want to embrace Life and do it by being Open.

We have grown into a World dominated by negative media and social streaming to the point that we don’t even say hello to the people who live next door because we are told to fear them.  Why are we told this?  Because they aren’t like us.  That’s it.  There’s no other justification in most cases for remaining isolated except we’ve been conditioned, no, brain-washed to believe everyone else poses a danger to us.

Well, I for one am done with that.  I’m tired of living in fear.  If all I ever do is keep to my Self how do I ever grow or become enriched?  How is my Life truly Lived without the inclusion of others.  The people we call Friends in our Lives were once strangers too.

Yes, bad things can happen in this World but I’d still rather leave here knowing I experienced all there was with an Open Mind and Heart which I Believe will make me richer by far than any accumulated coin or treasure. I will be So(ul) Wealthy and so will you.



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