Get Lost

One of my most favorite quotes of all time is…

“All those who wander are not lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkien

And this has proven to be true for me.  I’ve spent such a long time wandering in the weeds, making detours, backtracking and even winding up on the shoulder of the road of Life but I have never once felt truly Lost.  Somehow, I always knew whatever awaited me ‘beyond that far horizon’ would be mine . . . I just need to keep going to wherever there might be.

I wasn’t always introspective.  I didn’t always listen to my gut.  I didn’t always believe in myself. And I certainly didn’t appreciate being in the Moment.

I guess I was Lost for a bit, but I didn’t panic and eventually I Found myself again.

Being Lost sometimes means drifting away from what you used to do while you discover what you might Be.  It means shedding all the skins you inherited and adopted along the way until like that caterpillar in the cocoon you shed the safety of what you know for a chance to soar into whatever may be trusting all the while in both yourself and the Universe.

Others don’t always get this part of you.  Loads of people think if you have no immediate purpose and if you are not defined by society to fit in some sort of category and wear some sort of label then you are a freak or a threat and there’s something wrong with you.  To that I simply shrug my shoulders for mine is not to worry about the thoughts of others, mine is only to worry about the thoughts I have for both myself and others at all times and to keep them Positive and filled with Light and Love.

So, even today I feel as though my soul drifts from here to there.  My Path is not a straight one and for that I am eternally grateful because in the bends and the peaks and valleys are the delights I cannot see yet.  There are Lessons in those.  My pace isn’t always steady and yes, at times, I do falter under the weight of my own doubts, yet in the end I persevere and continue.

If this is being Lost I am beyond okay with that.

I say lose yourself.  Cast off all the things that define you and wander directionless and purposeless to see where the warm winds might guide you.  You may be surprised beyond your wildest dreams to see what you become when you leave everything else behind and allow yourself to be Open.



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