The Red Cape

Did you ever run around with a red sheet tied around your neck pretending you were a superhero?  I did.

I spent many days thinking I was invincible.  Maybe it was the glory of youth that had me swinging from tree limbs and climbing up rock walls, or maybe that’s the ignorance of youth that comes with realizing what you think is your life stretching so far out in front of you that you can’t comprehend the end.  I’m not sure but I do know I did a lot of things that I might not do now having realized I’m not going to live forever. 

I also believed in the impossible.  I believed dreams do come true and I knew, somehow, in a deeper part of me that I was connected to everything.  I also knew as much as I was entertained by cartoons like anyone else that there wasn’t anyone that would save me.  I knew I would be saving myself. 

I was my own superhero.

I never looked to anyone else to bring me that far horizon. (a nod to a certain pirate on that one)  I knew without a doubt, even as young as I was, my fate, my destiny and my dreams rested on my shoulders and if I stumbled under the weight of the fantastic future I saw for myself, well, then, I’d simply have to step up and keep going.

Clearly, I grew up with a strong sense of Self.  I also knew I was more powerful working with others than I could ever be alone and I knew if I truly believed, I could make a difference.  Maybe I couldn’t leap buildings in a single bound, or see through walls, but I knew obstacles were just that.  They were many and varied but they could be overcome and this is just as true for one individual as it is for the World.

So, I say, dust off that red cape and be Fearless.  You can overcome.  You can rise up and reach your stars.  You can if you believe.

We can.  If we Believe.



2 thoughts on “The Red Cape

  1. luggagelady says:

    We need superheroes — now more than ever! LOVE your inspiring message: If not each of us, then WHO?? I, for one, believe… 😀

    • 🙂 Agreed. Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors. We aren’t encouraged to become superheroes when we are younger but that doesn’t mean we can’t become one. Belief is all it takes Super LuggageLady!

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