Do You?

I still believe in Magic.  I believe in the impossible though I don’t always understand how it’s made possible.  I believe my life is a Gift.  I believe I am here to experience the Experience.

Back to the magic . . . as a creative soul I have been blessed with a vast imagination and thankfully when I was young I wasn’t told to rein it in. . .  Literally.  I didn’t have imaginary friends when I was little, because I wasn’t allowed to be around horses, I invented an entire imaginary stable.  At recess I would head all the way across the fields that were the playground of this rural school and between two maple trees, I kept my horses.  You always knew when I was tending my friends because I would hold my right hand a bit above my head because, well, I was small and the horses in my stable were tall so as I guided them with a lead rope I had to raise my hand into a small fist and walk around.  Unless of course I was riding them and that was an entirely different gesture which I’m sure looked several shades of abnormal if you didn’t know what I was up to.

I knew animals could talk.  I knew beyond a doubt that if I could ever find the end of the rainbow not only would there be a giant kettle of gold coins but a little man clad in green to award it to me.  The cereal, by the way, didn’t help matters in a young mind.

Laughing out loud.  🙂

Even before the herd, I remember believing the thunder during storms really were angels bowling or some such thing.  I wasn’t afraid as I lay in my bed at night; I merely wanted some proof that some otherworldly thing was at work.

And later, when I had grown and was introduced to an amazing array of fantasy authors, I believed in dragons and when I was an adult and I was lucky enough to actually visit actual castles I smiled to myself as I thought about those fierce, scaled, winged, fire-breathing beasts.

I still believe Twilight is the most magical of times, the moment when two worlds collide, the living and the next.  I believe in the magic of Belief meaning if you believe it, it can Be.

I also know that as much as my curiosity might wish to know the ‘Man Behind the Curtain’, I’ve no real desire to have many of my questions answered.  Mystery and Belief are such important parts of who we are and what we do.  I don’t want to know everything can be explained.  I have been witness to things that defy explanation and I am quite happy not looking under the rug per se.

I am still full of questions, more now maybe than even when I was younger, but I also know in the end, it doesn’t matter.  The Universe works the way the Universe works.  My belief in any superstition or myth does not affect the outcome.  I am not in control.  And knowing how it all worked wouldn’t make me more in control.

So, for as long as I am given . . . here’s to the Leprechauns, and Birthday Wishes coming true.  Here’s to the Imaginary Friends and the Hope we all carry for each other.  Here’s to the Unexplainable and the Mysteries.  Here’s to the Unknown and of course and always . . . the Magic that is Life.



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