The Vessel

I believe we are Vessels and we are born into this world devoid of all things dark . . . Prejudice, Negativity, Sin, Hate, Greed, . . .

I believe we are Vessels full of all the beauty that is Creation and the Universe.  I believe when we come in to this world  we come believing in Magic and the Impossible and the Beauty of Dreams no matter how silly adults may make them out to be.

One only has to look at a child’s smile to realize this.

But, we forget as we move on through the Journey and we let the things that shouldn’t matter fill our Vessel until we find there may be no room left.

And then, if we are lucky, we move past the physical confines of the Vessel and we acknowledge we are limitless and beyond ending and that every ending we may perceive is only a beginning even though it may be one we do not immediately recognize.

So we empty the Vessel that is us at the WayStation of Life, the place of the Crossroads, the point we begin to look back on our lives to see what we are really made of and we begin again.

You are that empty Vessel.

What will you choose to fill it with Now?  Will it be with limitless Love and Light for all?  Will it be Peace and Beauty and the collective that is Humanity . . .

Or will it be with the negativity, fear and ego that will hold us all back?

It’s your choice.

It’s always your choice.



3 thoughts on “The Vessel

  1. luggagelady says:

    Beautiful piece! I will choose to fill myself up with light, unlimited love, and peace — no matter how callous the world is to these efforts, and I will never stop believing in the magic of possessing the “impossible” dream. Thank you, my friend, for the lovely reminder!

  2. Dear Fellow Traveler, I meant to reply to this days ago. Where does the time go? 🙂 I think you’ve got it right… ‘No matter how callous the world is to these efforts’ is so true. You cannot let others prevent you from truly Living an Enlightened Life. Thanks.

  3. SirenaTales says:

    Lovely…I, too, am choosing as much beauty, compassion and love as possible. Namaste

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