The Bus Driver

Throughout my lifetime I have spent many, many years convinced I was driving the bus.  I was in charge.  I was in control and I was going places.

It isn’t that I haven’t been places, I have, it’s just that the places I’ve been weren’t on my map of Life.

I had a plan when I was younger.  I knew what I’d achieve by each age and mark each age with an achievement.

There again, I’m not saying I haven’t achieved anything, it’s just that what I’ve achieved was never in my play book.

I went to a psychic once who asked me if my wrists gave me trouble.  I thought about it and realized at the time they did.  She laughed, flipped over a Tarot card which featured a woman standing on a chariot behind a team of horses, her wrists wrapped in the reins and she looked me straight in the eye and said, “stop driving the bus”.

No matter how much I tried, Life did not end up the way I’d planned it.  But it has been full and filled with everything I could possibly have dreamed of and then some.

I do believe there are things one should aim for and I do believe in having some sort of idea of what kind of Life you’d like to have and work toward that, but beyond that it’s pretty much out of your hands.  You do not control your destiny as much as you may wish to think you do.

Life happens.  It happens while you are fully awake and alert and it happens while you are sleeping.  It happens whether you want it to or not.  The trick it to roll with it.  

I find the more times I remain in neutral, the happier I am.  Oh, I meditate with Positivity and I try to manifest what I desire, but how it comes to me, well, that’s not really up to me and sometimes what I think I wanted wasn’t what I wanted at all and what I got instead, which I never really thought I wanted ended up being exactly what I wanted.  Got that?

Just let it go.  Sure you can sit in the driver’s seat occasionally.  You can even whisper in the ear of the driver where you might like to go, but when it all comes right down to it, the driver might have a better route or destination so just roll with it.

I’ve come to appreciate the Bus Driver very much.  My Life is never boring.  It has its challenges yet I get to see and appreciate things I might never have seen and appreciated if everything had gone the way I originally planned it and imagine what my Life would be like at this minute had the dreams of a six-year old actually panned out…

Circus anyone?

Take your hands off the wheel and enjoy the ride.



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