A Thought for Heart’s Day

I heard someone remark the other day how they wear black on every Valentine’s Day.  I asked why that was and they related to me that since they weren’t in a relationship and hadn’t been in quite some time the day just irritated them.

Here’s my thinking . . . I’ve spent plenty of Valentine’s Days not being in a relationship and many where I was and some where I was and wished I wasn’t.  I don’t believe, as I’ve said in the past, that Love should be horded, rather it should be shared and spread through out the Universe.  So, Valentine’s Day may have once been for lovers . . . but now I think we’ve all grown enough to realize it can be a day to celebrate the love we feel for anyone . . . friends, family, the Universe itself.  It is a day of gratitude.

I spend my day filled to bursting with Love and send it to as many people I encounter as possible through a kind word or a smile or a gesture of kindness, or even a common courtesy.  I do not judge.  I simply stay in the moment of the Love.

I wish I could do this every day but I’m not always so successful, so on a day like this it is particularly important to me that I remember everyone needs Love.  And as much Love as you have in your life you have the capacity to have more if you will allow yourself to be open to the possibilities.

We often lay the foundations for what we will receive in Life well before what we expect arrives therefore creating positive vibes would suggest then that you will have positive outcomes.  Negative vibes would produce negative outcomes.  Simple enough right?

Not simple at all.  We are . . . after all . . . only humans and we have the capability to express the deepest, strongest emotion there is and yet we don’t.  So embrace Love in all its forms and spread and share that Love wherever you go.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.  May you Love and be Loved.



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