In Any Language

Have you ever sat at a stoplight and watched the cars crossing in front of you to make their turn.  Have you looked at the faces of the people driving by you in the road.  Maybe driving takes full concentration but then what about all the people on their cell phones?  My point is that I’ve noticed a large majority of people in their cars with not just blank expressions on their faces but with down right frowns.

I used to loathe the people who would happily flit around reminding you it takes more muscles to frown than smile.  I dreaded working for the Happiest Place on Earth and then reveled in the secret that behind the scenes it really wasn’t.  I thought people who always thought the glass was half full were quite frankly a bit off their rocker.

How ironic.

I don’t waltz around with bluebirds flying around me dancing on rainbows but I do try to spread cheer where ever I can and that means while sitting at a light or stuck in an obnoxiously long line . . . just by smiling.

And sometimes, I’ve come to realize, that’s all it takes.  Like others are in seriously negative thoughts and a smile from a complete stranger can nudge them enough to realize  they haven’t seen the sun in hours, or even days.

Sometimes, smiling amid a horde of people who aren’t is intimidating but I’ve also learned that just because some people absolutely refuse to smile doesn’t mean I shouldn’t.  I’ve been the recipient of a random smile and I’ve seen how it has the power, gentle though it is, to transform my otherwise sucky day into something more real.

A smile is harmless.  Yet, a smile can move mountains in terms of dark thoughts.  And when you smile from the inside out, truly give it all you’ve got and really focus on the intention of that smile, well there’s no stopping the positivity that flows from you out into the Universe.  And who knows what a difference that makes.

So, I say smile until your cheeks hurt.  Smile through all the grimaces and grunts and frowns you’ll get from people who are just annoyed that you’re not keeping them company with their misery.  Smile for strangers and smile for loved ones and pretty soon you’ll be smiling for no reason at all simply because your inside Self is happy from all the good vibes you’ve been pumping out into the world.

There’s no misunderstanding a genuine smile.  In any language it is the same when it is done with true warmth and happiness.

You can be happy . . . the first step is in the smile.



One thought on “In Any Language

  1. luggagelady says:

    Great share!! :)))))

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