Fumbles and Stumbles

We all fail.

We all fall.

If you do not believe this or haven’t figured out a way to reconcile this Truth with yourself, then you will be a very unhappy person throughout your life.

We all make mistakes.  There is no perfect.  With the mistakes comes the Learning, if you are open and do not seek to blame others.  Accept responsibility for your actions and acknowledge that you will, at times, even with the best of intentions, stumble along the Road of Life.

Humility is a great quality that seems to be severely lacking these days.  When you admit you are wrong, you then allow the lesson to be learned.

But, here’s the more important part . . . Life is a collaborative effort.  You are part of a Team called the Human Race.  You can choose to ignore the coaching and the encouragement but it remains.  Everyone is in this together.  You are never alone.  Only you will consider this thought to be untrue.

Even when you are miles from another human being you are still not alone.  There is a Cosmic Consciousness that exists.  It requires no special knowledge, no secret password only your Belief that it is there, always there, no matter what.  No judgement.  Only Forgiveness.  It just Is.  Just as you just Are.

And You and It are One.

So the next time you feel as though you may have done something that harmed someone else or yourself, pick yourself up and apologize and Listen to the lesson so that you do not stumble in the same place again, but keep moving forward . . . ever moving forward on the Path.

As they say, ‘Shit Happens’, but it’s what you do with it that makes all the difference.



One thought on “Fumbles and Stumbles

  1. luggagelady says:

    Way behind on my blog reading…I’m so sorry dear friend for what you are enduring. 😦 Your attitude is admirable and inspiring! I am sending hugs and caring thoughts your way…

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