Pins and Needles . . . Well, Just Needles Really

I had my first Acupuncture session a few days ago.  I know… I’m always late to the party.

So, anyway, you’d think I’d be open minded enough to have done this years ago but the truth of the matter, upon great consideration, is that I really wasn’t Open, nor was I ready.  Thankfully, I am more Open than I’ve every been and it seems I’m learning things at a faster rate these days which flies in the face of the whole aging process.  My mind can’t seem to get enough ‘food’.

For the past several years I have been studying healing in a whole different light.  In a way that encompasses Mind, Body and Soul.  I’ve been reading about the many other medicines other than Western and slowly but surely I have come to understand that those, while not always viewed in Western society as equal or even better than the Science of Medicine practiced in the Western world, they possess their own brand of healing, something to which I gravitate to.

I believe something natural is always better than something man-made in terms of diet and health.  Sure there are plenty of pills that can help with afflictions, but pills or shots don’t always cure the underlying cause of Dis-Ease.  They simply mask it just enough that we are able to survive, tho there is some question to Quality of Life.

I went in to the appointment with an Open mind.  I was asked plenty of questions as any doctor would, but they were different questions.  More to the root of me.  Questions that I had to think about, not just repeat by rote.  Many notes were taken and I will admit to feeling a bit insecure by that.  I mean were they good notes or notes that even this course of treatment was useless?  Thanks, to my ego for this.

Soon I was on the table.  When I was asked if I wanted to see the actual needles I declined.  I mean why make me even more skittish?  Instead I closed my eyes and relaxed as my pulse was taken.  I listened to the soothing music and waited for the pain.  It actually never came.  I felt a pinch here and there but really nothing else.

My body felt heavy and there was an achy feeling in some areas but it wasn’t enough to complain about.  I lay there for thirty minutes undisturbed except once when I was asked if I was feeling okay.  Even then I quickly fell back into the trance I’d fallen into.  I saw some pretty incredible colors as I focused on my Chakras.  Pretty explosive colors and I was under from that point on.

Time both stood still and passed in a heartbeat.  Suddenly, it was over.  I got up and sat on the table for a few moments, asking if it was normal to feel so out of it.  The answer was yes.  Though every session is different for different people.

A few hours later I felt tired, but then rebounded with a bang a few hours after that and have been flying around on some sort of incredible energy high every since.  The thought process is that my energy of Qi was blocked somewhere and the acupuncture had removed the block.  Pretty awesome.

It’s several days later now and I still feel pretty good.  I slept deeply and completely for the first time in I don’t know how long even with meditation and yoga and everything else I do.

Here’s the thing . . . we can prevent ourselves from healing simply by our preconceived notions.  I’ve been juicing for a while now and let me tell you it ain’t always so yummy tasting, but I know it’s good for me so I keep at it.  If I’d have turned away simply because of my fear of needles, my Western education, etc., I’d be missing out on a whole other world of goodness.

So once again I say stay Open.  Stay as Open as you can to new things, new thoughts, new experiences and they will take you on the most incredible Journeys.  Let Fear not rule your life or your thoughts for Fear is simply a resistance to the Unknown.  Or in layman’s terms be a sponge for all the days of your Life and soak up as much as you are able so that your world is color-Full.



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