Into The Fire

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries and the situations that arise aren’t always positive no matter how much personal growth you’ve got under your belt.

Recently, I had to enter into the fire in order to stay true to myself.  I had to stand up for my integrity and that meant challenging others who viewed themselves as my superior in the workplace.  Unfortunately, just because YOU’VE grown spiritually doesn’t mean others have.  In fact that’s probably the most common situation and the least humorous, (read: trying)

 Into each life a little rain must fall but whether you view that rain as a negative or a positive is entirely up to you and the outcome will stem from how you view the situation.

Knowing I had to suit up so to speak and gird myself for the battle, I asked the Universe to help me find the right words.  The Universe responded quickly, like a slap upside the head, and I heard these words very clearly:

‘If you approach a situation with hostility, you will be met with hostility.’

Yes, I’d been feeling threatened.  Yes, my ego was running wild.  Yes, I had given my power to others due to my feelings of anger and resentment.  And . . . yes, I was feeling rather hostile.  What I’d meant by the request to give me the words was to make sure I didn’t drop any F-bombs… (look, I said I was on the Path, NOT that I’d made it to the finish line).  Sigh.

So, when I received the message I immediately changed my tact.  Instead of approaching everyone with the slow burning anger that had been fueling the days prior to this meeting, I let it all go and focused on what I wanted, not just for me, but for everyone involved.  Was it ridiculous?  No.  I wanted everyone to shed their egos and come to this place Open and with the intent to work for the greater good.

I let go of the Fear.  I spoke calmly and clearly and with purpose.  Without any emotion.  Emotion equals ego.

And you know what?

Everything fell into place.  People listened.  They agreed.  They admitted mistakes and they promised going forward things would be different.  We all agreed to move forward together and instead of pointing out our differences as a negative, we determined we would celebrate each person’s individual style as long as we all accomplished the goal we set for ourselves.

I’m still a bit stunned.  This was a high profile meeting that I felt, early on, I had no chance of being heard at . . . and then, simply by letting go and trusting the Universe, everything fell into place.


Still awed.

I hope each and every one of you experiences the difference you make when you change how you approach a situation.  It truly can be amazing.

In gratitude.



2 thoughts on “Into The Fire

  1. luggagelady says:

    Woo-hoo! Way to go! Love this — what a great lesson to us all… xo

  2. Thanks. Live and Learn, right? I’m still Learning . . . lol. Peace to you my friend! 🙂

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