. . . And ACTION!

Camera zooms in…

You are seated in a room.  You are alone.  You are lost in thought.

Are you happy?  How do you know?

Are you really Living? Not just breathing.

How do you know?

Do you give everything you have to everything you do?

Is your heart full?

Do you smile all the time regardless of who might be looking at you?

Do you face every challenge knowing to do so with peace will change the outcome?

What?  You don’t do these things?

Did you know you have the power?  Did you know in the movie that is your life…, the movie that is playing right now with you as the star, you have the ability to rewrite the script?  You and no one else, unless you give them that power.

You are writing your life.  Every minute of it.  It’s how you think and how you feel and how you perceive.  It’s all you baby.

Some want to blame others for where they are at but part of the growing process is that you accept the responsibility for your own life.  Yes, you may have been given a crappy hand from birth but you determine what happens with how you handle everything that comes to you every minute of every day.

You are the star and your are the Director of this show.  So, I say, make it everything your heart desires.  Do away with the senselessness of hate and keep only Love in your heart and soul and give that Love to everyone you meet.  This is the movie you should be starring in.  

It took me a long, long time to get to this point but every single day I receive affirmations that this is really what its all about.  We are all Love, from Love, by Love and the minute we determine that is what we want to be our world changes in ways we never imagined.

Give yourself the power to change the movie.



2 thoughts on “. . . And ACTION!

  1. luggagelady says:

    Another fabulous post! So simple (like the old diet campaign: you are what you eat) — and yet?!! The very idea that one is in charge of their own story, stripping away all scapegoats, is complex and terrifying and… xo

    • Thank you! Sometimes I surprise myself… 🙂 I seriously use this as an organic way to make sense of my thoughts along this Journey, but I’m glad it resonates with others. I think we all share the same hopes and fears in the end. Peace always dear Friend.

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