Sloooooow Down

I am rarely in a hurry these days.  I’m not sure how that happened, or even when exactly, but somehow between trying to become more Enlightened, and learning to become Mindful of every moment I have slowed down.

Sure, age could have something to do with it but the other day when I was reflecting on this, something else entered my mind and told me that I may not move as fast as I once did because now I move with greater purpose.  I’m okay with that.

I think what that means is that I am more aware of the moments, Mindful.  Every moment is another opportunity for me to be Grateful and Humble in my awareness.  I can offer Peace and Love to the Universe in every moment.  It costs me nothing yet the benefits of this way of Life now bring me such wealth in terms of my own Peace and Happiness that I wouldn’t change a thing.

No longer do I try to race other drivers to the stoplights nor am I filled with a strange anger when someone else cuts me off unless that maneuver risks my own life.  I allow others to hurry and scurry to wherever they need to go and I wonder how much they must be missing because when you are fast, you cannot take it all in.

I was a long distance runner in my younger years and even ran some marathons.  The beauty of the endurance race is that you are moving, to some degree, at your own pace, if you are running Mindfully.  You take in the scenery.  You are aware of your body with every step and every breath.  It’s quite an amazing experience.

I never was one to race the clock, but I did get caught up in the grind.  I can recall an entire decade passing in a blur simply because I was on the wheel, working for things and trying to be something.

Now, I can really, really determine if what I think I want is really what I need and I’m happy just being me.

I once had a visualization of a very large park.  There were two dogs at one edge.  One was a sleek Greyhound while the other was a large Great Dane.  Every day the Greyhound made it to the other side of the park in minutes while the Great Dane took what seemed like forever.  And while the Greyhound was busy looking to impress, the Great Dane was just busy sniffing all the beautiful flowers.  The Greyhound missed getting a hug from a little girl just learning to walk.  It missed the flurry of brightly colored birds as they rose into the early morning sky.  It missed the wetness of the dew on its nose as it picked up the scent of something interesting.  The Great Dane however, took it all in.

I never had much patience when I was younger.  Now, I can be stuck in the middle of a waiting area for hours and still find something to be grateful for and without a paper, a cell phone or a book even, I can occupy myself while being Mindful.

It’s really quite amazing what I see and feel now that I’ve slowed down.  If Life is really a race, then let me be the last one to cross the finish line, if you catch my drift.



4 thoughts on “Sloooooow Down

  1. What an inspirational sharing. I saw the perfect picture for your post. It was monks barefoot in the sand, mindful walking.

    • That is a perfect image! I still struggle with remaining Mindful at all times but as the years go by and I grow wiser (lol), it seems to get easier. As does the slowing down. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Peace.

  2. oliviaobryon says:

    Nicely put. I relate, even if my journey toward mindfulness has only begun recently. Things move more slowly, but with greater purpose and meaning. Thank you for putting into words what will help me remember to keep on this path.

  3. In some ways I believe we are always just beginning. Beginning for me means being Open and that my friend will get you far on your Path. Peace.

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