The Source

From the tides to the moon, to the seasons, to what we eat, how we sleep and who we interact with, we are energy.  We can draw energy from loads of places or we can give energy to others just by how we are in the Universe.

A few minutes in the sun can do wonders for mood and vitamin deficiencies, while exercise can do wonders for the body.  Sleep re-energizes and helps heal.  All of this requires some sort of energy even at the lowest level.

But sometimes you can do everything right, eat healthy, exercise, get out and about, and still not feel very energetic.

I could live quite happily as a hermit.  Solitary and safe in my own little world within the Universe, but I learned quite some time ago that the experiences in Life both the good and the not-so-good are really lessons and they can shape and mold us in some very powerful ways.  So, I exist in my world and welcome the interactions I have with others, to a point.

On the positive side, have you ever spent time among those you consider friends, the passionate ones who dream and still believe in magic and the power of positivity?  I am lucky enough to have several people who fit this category.  In their presence, even if I am not aware of it at that moment, I always leave feeling refreshed and more aware of my Being.  It’s as if someone cleaned the windows of my soul and the world looks a little brighter again.

There are some people and relationships you may have where nothing needs be said between you yet you feel something indescribable when you are together.  Love?  Sure, but also energy.  An incredible amount of energy circuiting through you and around you on the same frequency as your own.  You know this is happening because it feels like an amazing adrenaline rush even as you remain still.  You are giving and receiving positive, healing energy.

There are other people though, strangers, friends and even family members who do not cast out positive vibes.  Instead they are like black holes and they seem to suck the very Life from you.  Any length of time in their presence is draining.  They love getting together with you, but you always leave feeling like you just ran a mental/emotional marathon.  Of these people I caution you to limit your time in their presence because they truly are sapping your energy whether they even know it or not. 

When you are feeling sluggish in the mind and uneasy in the soul it is time for a recharge.  You can do this with meditation or with crystals or being in nature or finding the company of those friends who inspire.  They will give you energy, they will help you keep the fire of your spirit burning.

Energy comes from The Source, or whatever you may wish to call that which gives you Life.  It is then continually generated by you in either positive or negative ways.  You can receive more energy, if you remain open, from everything around you.  It is up to you to focus on positive energy and share that energy with others which then creates an unending circuit of vibrations that will bring Peace and Harmony to you and then through you out to the Universe.

Imagine what this world could be if everyone recognized and were grateful for the positive  energy radiating from themselves and others.



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