The Soul of Humanity

As one year comes to a close and another one begins, I, like many others wonder what the New Year will bring.  I’ve visualized, I’ve manifested, I’ve made sure to thank the Universe and I’ve tried to become more enlightened and awakened.  I realize not everything I set out to do was accomplished and I didn’t end every day in a state of Peace, but I tried. 

And that is exactly what I will do in the New Year.

I don’t make resolutions, I simply try to give myself and others more of me in a gentler more peaceful manner no matter the situation, no matter the individual.

It’s easy to embrace like-minded people, harder to embrace those who are different, looks, beliefs, economic status, whatever.  But there has never been a better time than right Now for everyone to turn around and begin to accept the world around them as it is, not as they wish it would be.  Sure, we can all dream and desire a better world but how about finding some love and appreciation for right Now.  This moment.

In order to be a part of Humanity one needs to be Humane in all things.  There is no room for hate in an enlightened individual.  Anger moves through you like the wind.  It is no more important to you than the cracks on the sidewalk.  

What matters most is that we continue to Love one another despite our flaws or perhaps we realize that one person’s flaws are another’s greatest strengths.  What breaks one person down can serve to bring up another.  There are no perfect souls.  Do not strive to be perfect, simply strive to Be.

But Be with everything you have.  Be In the Moment and In Love with the Moment.  And extend that amazing feeling of Knowing this is exactly where you are meant to Be . . . with others.

Recently someone mentioned to me that they weren’t concerned about the end of the world because they were a Believer and they would be moving on to a better place.  They felt sorry for the ones that would be Left Behind.  I thought about that for a few moments.  Can there really be a better place when we’ve left those who may need to be awakened most . . . behind?  I can’t buy into that.  We, every single one of us have a responsibility to others that share this Universe with us.  That means never giving up on your fellow humans.

Keep strong and keep your Light and Love stronger.  This is my wish for the Soul of Humanity in the New Year.



8 thoughts on “The Soul of Humanity

  1. Fillandra says:

    Love, Peace, Hugs and all the other good things for the new year.

  2. luggagelady says:

    What a beautiful wish for the Soul of Humanity…Thank You! With your lovely spirit, you deserve all that you desire in the New Year!! xo

  3. J.H. White says:

    I was initially surprised to learn that my experience is most profound when I have been in situations where I’m thrown into close working relationship with people whose expression is very different than mine…an obvious but huge step in emotional maturity for me. Particularly when being the objective target of someone’s anger. Sigh….
    We’re all in this together, I remind myself.
    Happy New Year to you too. I look forward to more of your posts!

    • Very true… We are all in this together. Life and the Journey and Enlightenment would be so much easier if we only had to worry about those who think like us but it is the differences that challenge, teach and also make this world such a colorful place to Be. Keep Love & Light in your heart. You can do it! 🙂 Peace.

  4. This is a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing this heartfelt piece. I especially enjoy this: “What matters most is that we continue to Love one another despite our flaws…” That is important advice for us all, and I do believe steps like this can make the biggest difference.
    Bless your heart! Hugs, Gina

    • Thank you for stopping by. I love your blog as well and love connecting with like-minded people. When I need affirmations that I am on the right Path, I can look to you and others like you for inspiration. Bless you too. Wishing you much Love and Happiness. Peace.

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