Quandary Part II…

Okay, so I understand how important it is to stay in the Moment and to always, always project Light and Peace even when others want nothing but total darkness.

But how does the world change on some major level when so many people don’t want to be positive or care so little about anyone else?  On a global scale, say fighting world hunger, of which we have the resources . . . why can we not get it together to do so?  Why do we simply let it happen?  

Same thing with disease and poverty.  We have the solutions yet there are many who would fight against a better world because it means sacrificing something on their end.  

And then there’s the violence in the world.  So many people just shrug their shoulders.  Or simply want things to remain as they are as violence has not impacted them.  Are they part of the problem?  If we do nothing but let it all flow, are we then part of the problem?  How do I reconcile myself with letting things go if by letting things go it perhaps perpetuates the existing problem?  How does the world ever change then?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a powerful quote by Gandi but to what level are we speaking of change?  Individual change of course but does this means doing something more?  Can you be at Peace being an instrument of change?

Is it action or inaction that causes the world to shift globally?  Do I stand up and join the chorus of those who are doing something, no matter how epic or how fruitless their fight for change may appear, or do I simply sit in my comfortable house, surrounded by comfortable things and trust the Universe will provide the solution?

I’m not sure I can just sit and watch the world go further into negativity, yet, everything I am learning says let it go.  How tangled up in the situations can I get and still remain Enlightened?  Is it selfish to remain in place when the rest of the world is moving, and not always in a good direction?

Ha.  I suppose I’ve just asked myself in a very round about way, what is my purpose…




3 thoughts on “Quandary Part II…

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  3. Thank you very much for your thoughts and words. Peace to you.

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