Herein Lies The Quandary…

I was speaking to someone the other day about the idea of being mindful, being aware.  Everything I’ve been working toward tells me to let things go, live in the Moment and cause no ripples.  It’s all along the lines of what you resist will persist.

I get this, but . . . in recent days I’ve asked myself this question.  How does anything change, even for the good, if everyone simply does nothing?

A friend of mine, relating a very specific incident, said that this incident was the way things have always been and this is the way they’ll always be so there’s nothing you can do about it.  I understand what they mean and there is some truth to that.  Actually, there’s quite a bit of truth to that but blind hope doesn’t seem to be something I can get behind.

I’m not sure I equate Peace with Passivity in a way that would make me simply shrug my shoulders and in a sense give up on society and my fellow humans.  I feel like there might be times when one needs to stand up be counted. 

I’m not saying I want to scream and rage about anything, that energy is wasted because you’ll never convince anyone to do anything by forcing your opinions on them.  This I’ve learned.

But . . . shouldn’t we do something?  Shouldn’t we try?  If someone does something to me, I do honor my role in letting it go (mostly), but I’m talking about making changes to the world at large.  How do we even hope for better world if all we’re doing is hoping?  How does anything get changed of we do nothing?

Help me understand what is the Way?



2 thoughts on “Herein Lies The Quandary…

  1. luggagelady says:

    It is indeed easy to feel overwhelmed and insignificant when it comes to tackling the negatives in this world. But, in the end, all we can control is our own actions. To share (a perhaps trivial example) from my life experience: as a flight attendant I’ve been close to tears from the cruel behavior of some passengers, but I always try to smile, apologize for the weather delay, limited leg-room, the reason we need their cell phone OFF (whatever is propelling them into such a rage!) ask them how I might improve their day, offer to buy them a drink, smile some more (even if my heart is exhausted and I’m thinking of the people in the world who have something genuine to complain about!) I may not always succeed in altering their mindset, but I put the positive vibes in motion and keep my smile on for everyone else and even if only those observing my actions walk off the airplane in a better mood, I have to believe my actions did NOT go to waste… xoxo

  2. I agree 100%. Your actions are never wasted when they are done with the intent to spread positivity, nor are your examples trivial. I do believe that it starts with each one of us, every single one of us and trying to always exude the positive even in adverse situations is so impactful. Thank you for your well spoken thoughts, as always. Peace.

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