I Am Thankful for You

We are all connected.  This I believe.  We are all tangled up in the same web no matter our race, sex, religion, no matter what outwardly divides us.

Sometimes I forget this.  I forget about the Universal Community.

And then I come here to pour my guts out on this blog in hopes I can somehow figure out where I’ve been and where I’m headed, and I find you. Or, you find me.

Maybe it’s just a comment.  Or maybe a ‘Like’.  But we reach out across distance and time and interact and you remind me that all is never lost and no one faces the trials of Life alone.  You give me Hope.  And I thank you.

It is nice to know that even in the darkest of Nights there is still Light.  And you shine like dozens of twinkling stars reminding me that the darkness always gives way to the light.  Always.  Even if it seems like forever.

Thank you for keeping me humble.  Thank you for understanding.  Thank you for extending your words and wisdom.



One thought on “I Am Thankful for You

  1. luggagelady says:

    Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful mind here. You are never alone… xo

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