Humble Pie

In my opinion, I think loads of people need a second helping of Humble Pie.

Where are the ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’s anymore?  Does anyone greet a stranger with “Excuse me?” instead of just blurting out their demand for service from across the room?  And what’s with people and their cell phones and their inability to even acknowledge the person who is waiting on them?

I wish people a good day regularly and even I am a bit disturbed by how many people say nothing in kind.  Really?  Is it too much trouble to say “thanks”, or “you too”?  What has happened to us as a society?  Are we using texting and emailing as a way to create distance between us?  We’re connecting but we’ve lost all the social graces that come with being in this world.

I try to be humble.  I try to live a humble life.  Sure I have wants that might require pulling down the moon in order to achieve them, but at the end of the day I just want to move through life and Harm None.  And I wish to be treated the way I treat others . . . quite simply with common decency and respect.  Simple things really but in today’s world they seem like major wishes.

I interact with people, strangers, because that’s what Life is about.  I’m not a hermit, though I could imagine myself to be one quite easily, but what does that solve?  If I am out in the world then perhaps my example might be followed.

I was taught to always, always be gracious.  To always say thank you.  To be polite.  I might be old but are these things no longer of value today?

Even I can use a second helping of Humble Pie at times, and yes, it isn’t always easy swimming in the same stream with people who have no regard for anyone but themselves, but I still aspire to being the best I can be.  It’s really easy to be mean-spirited and disrespectful.  It’s easy to remain isolated in your bubble and forget you are surrounded by millions and millions of people.  You can tune out.  You can stay tuned out.

I just think that by forgetting common courtesies we are perhaps missing out on interaction with others that might lead to incredible things.  If you never bother to get off your cell phone while someone is waiting on you, how do you know if maybe something they say or do could change your life?  Every encounter is an opportunity for magic to happen.  This I believe.  If you shut out others due to ego or ignorance, you shut out those possibilities.

So, yes please, I’ll have another helping of Humble Pie stat, with a side of dark chocolate.



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