If you silence your mind, even for a few minutes, you will begin to hear things other than the chatter of your own self.  But sometimes what you hear isn’t all birdsong and happiness.  It’s drama.

Plain and simple everyone has some but some make theirs even bigger than it ever needs to be.  Take the person, we all know someone who fits this description, who never seems to be happy.  They don’t smile and when you ask then how they’re doing, the room immediately darkens as they begin to sigh and tell you in a glum voice what happened to them.  None of what they say is positive.

It’s hard trying to be friends with people who simply wallow in their drama.  Misery does indeed love company and these people just don’t ever want to do what it takes to see even the slightest glimmer of sunshine in their otherwise rainy days.

I’m over these people.  I find the more enlightened I become, the less likely I am willing to spend any length of time with people who choose not to be happy.  I’m not talking about the person who has just received bad news and isn’t sure how to deal.  Everyone has issues.  Everyone has drama, but some people really truly just want to be miserable.  Its like their safety zone.  If something good happens to them they either don’t recognize it or they hide in fear and wait for the other shoe to drop.  Their clouds seem only to ever have a crap lining.

I have many friends who go through rough times and I am their shoulder to cry on, but eventually they each get their legs beneath them and they get back out there in Life.  These are not the people I’m talking about.  I have compassion in droves, but there’s a limit to my pity for people who like to self-inflict wounds or pick at scars so they will never heal.

People who like drama love to gossip.  They love to snipe and snark and hate on people they know or don’t know.  The first thing out of their mouth isn’t anything nice.  It’s always something bitter and negative.  These are the things that actually make them happy.

If being positive means not being negative, then this also means you need to be aware of the negativity of others because it can seep into you if you’re not careful.

As I recently said to a friend, I am interested in the now.  In what’s happening right this minute because I may not have the next minute.  This means I want to be sure that whenever I don’t get that next minute I leave this world with the full knowledge that I truly lived.  I didn’t get bogged down in all the trials and troubles Life throws your way.  Yes we all struggle, but doing so with the understanding that this too shall pass is way more healthy than continuing to obsess about all the things that are wrong with the gift of the Life you have been given.

Make it a drama-free Life.



One thought on “Drama…

  1. luggagelady says:

    Yet another GREAT post! I’d love to print this out and distribute it, especially this time of year when some forget the true meaning of the season. Thanks for filling my head with so many positive thoughts…peace to you as well, my friend!

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