Head vs. Heart

When I was younger I was led by my head.  Sure there were moments of fancy where I shucked caution to the wind and lived vicariously on the wisps of dreams not fully formed, but my head kept me grounded.  My head kept me protected.  In a dark childhood, my head kept me sane while my heart broke into a thousand pieces.  My head calmly repeated the words that I was worthy, when my heart may have wondered otherwise.

My head helped me navigate through Life for a very long time.  In business and personal things, my head kept me focused.  My head kept me alive.

But, growing older gives one a perspective you don’t have when you’re young.  As I grew, my world grew and things I thought I knew became unclear.  It was like starting over and relearning what was real.  What was my reality?

My head, I learned, though it had gotten me far, was also filled with judgement both of myself and others. My head thought only of things being black and white and in the process of listening to my head I realized that I’d shut out quite a few really important things.

Sure, I was alive, but was I really living?

Now, I lead with my heart.  Call me irresponsible or too passionate for my own good, but it is my heart that has taught me patience when I would otherwise turn away from something challenging.  By turning away I would miss the rewards.  My heart is where compassion comes from and though at times my heart along with my guts seem to be twisted into impossible knots over things I encounter, I know that somewhere in the twisting is the lesson I must learn.

My heart is silent while my head chatters on incessantly.  My heart studies and recognizes I will always be a student of Life.  My heart is not proud.  It has no ego.  It wishes not just for me but for the world.  My heart has hope.  My heart still believes in magic.

While my head is cynical in these days filled with negative energy, my heart soldiers on with its own vibe.  My heart extends positivity even to those I don’t know.  My heart doesn’t give up.

At times it is as though I am two selves and sometimes those selves war with one another. The head, always looking to protect, warns of following the Path blindly, while my heart reminds me that the testing is part of the Journey.  Tough choices at times to determine which to listen to but more often than not, in the end, I find myself leading with my heart.

If the head is the home of the mind, the heart must be the seat of the soul and where once there might have only been a flicker, now the fire of my heart has grown into an inferno.  Every step I take reaffirms this.  My heart leads me toward enlightenment.

My heart knows no fear.  It whispers that the end is only the beginning and that I should never stop believing in the impossible, nor should I ever stop believing in the ability of others to find their own way.

Though I may have thought my heart has led me astray, I’ve learned it is my heart that will always bring me home, wherever that may be.



2 thoughts on “Head vs. Heart

  1. luggagelady says:

    WOW, wow, wow. I LOVE this so much…Thank YOU! xo

  2. Thank you for reading. Much Peace and Love to you.

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