Walk the Talk

If only half of the people who aspire to move toward enlightenment actually acted in accordance to their beliefs about said enlightenment, the world would be a far better place. It is always too easy to say one thing and then do another, especially when things get rough and you are challenged to prove the depth and breadth of what you claim to believe.

I’ve learned a few things in my time.  One of which, perhaps one of the hardest things, is that your enemies are actually your greatest teachers.  Now when I say enemy, for me, I mean random haters or people who are bitter, unhappy or unselfish for any number of reasons and I don’t really feel enemy is the right word per se.  Try to follow this thought though… the people you may dislike, the people who irk you or drive you nuts, are actually teaching you.  The first, more primitive reaction is to feel anger.

To take things personally is a baser reaction to our inability to maintain control.  When you let go of this, when you acknowledge the release of control, things become much improved in terms of how you react.  This then translates to improvement in how the world looks to you in general.  You no longer feel threatened by the storm clouds on the horizon, instead you look forward to the cleansing rain.

If you lived in a bubble and you controlled every aspect of your being, how ever would you grow?  There would be nothing to challenge you and your perspective.  Thankfully, most of us don’t exist in a bubble . . . and we grow from our experiences.  We grow from being uncomfortable and whether we like it or not we grow from pain.  Or rather . . . we can grow.  It’s up to you.  It’s always up to you.

If your boss sucks and day in and day out you find it torture to go to work, but you also know you cannot afford to leave your job, stop for a moment and think of how you can change the situation.  You can change it without even letting the boss know, simply by changing how you react.  The next time he or she comes at you for whatever the reason . . . smile, acknowledge, breathe and in your mind thank them for the lesson.

And then move on.  Let it go, let it flow.  You are on a different Path.

Be the person that truly measures up to their thoughts.  Treat others with the kindness you would want to be treated with.  Accept responsibility for your actions.  Apologize when you are in the wrong or have reacted in way that is not becoming to your enlightened Self.  And work harder to make your self and your Self mesh.

Talk less.  Act more.

(Yes, I see an irony here in my talking.  I can only tell you I do lots of walking too.)



4 thoughts on “Walk the Talk

  1. luggagelady says:

    Spectacular mindset/guidance!! xo

  2. stephenie says:

    really strong affirmation here and the kick in the pants I need too x

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