We Are All We Are

Recently, while trying to focus on breathing I had a little creative visualization come to my mind.  I saw myself as a seagull flying high above a stretch of California coastline.  The sun was dipping into the water and lights were glittering across the landscape.  As darkness took over, thousands and thousands of lights strafed the inky velvet of the sky.

I watched as I turned my head toward the heavens and saw the same picture repeated with thousands and thousands of stars twinkling above me.

It made me think that perhaps like the cells of the body, we are merely that on a larger scale.  The body is the Universe and we the cells that either continue to give it Life or take Life away from it much like cancer cells.  We can work together to help the Universe as a whole, or we can allow ourselves to ‘mutate’ with negative energy.  Once again it appears we are the ones who make this choice.

It was just a thought that made me stop for a moment. Strip away the facade of fancy clothes and huge homes, take away the divisive opinions and the furthering of hate and what you have left are beings who are the same inside.  We try so hard to the point of killing each other to prove we are better or more right than the next person and it’s foolish really.  Hate is what separates us so it must be Love that unites us. We have the capacity for both.  Choose wisely.

What we do to another we do to ourselves.




4 thoughts on “We Are All We Are

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Aww it is a wonderful thought. I often tell people that I will always try to just smile at a stranger on the side of the road instead of ignoring them. I might brighten their day a bit.

  2. luggagelady says:

    Oh, how you move me. Yet another brilliant post…Thank you!! xo

  3. I’m so glad. I’m never sure really if anyone gets my posts. I write what is stirring in my soul without censoring it and sometimes it seems very raw and unrefined so I thank you! Peace.

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