A Different Kind of Bird

Have you ever, on your journey towards enlightenment, felt alone among those you count as your closest friends?  Sometimes, the Journey must be taken alone.

Once, a long time ago, in a fabled place, every bird man could possibly conceive of, lived in harmony.  With feathers every color of the rainbow and song as heavenly as a chorus of angels these birds recognized that though they may appear different and though each of them had a distinct call, they were all the same.

Peacocks, and chickens and sparrows and seagulls all chose to live together.  It was a beautiful place and each bird understood its limitations, but this did not dampen their desire to sing their song.  Some of the birds that could not take flight even though they had wings and feathers, wished they could soar high above the land while other birds, those that could fly, often wondered if they could fly even higher. 

In the end, each bird was content with what they were.  The dreams they had were fleeting and in the every day world they did what birds do without complaint.

But there was one bird, a tiny bird insignificant in color whose voice could never be distinguished from all the other voices of birdsong, that wanted something more.  This bird wanted to be enlightened.  It wanted to know more, to be more than what it perceived itself to be.  It wanted to fly but not just into the clouds, it wanted to fly far up into the sky to the very sun itself.  It was content to be a bird but it wanted to be a bird that touched the sun.

When the other birds discovered this they teased the little bird.  They told the bird it was stupid to think about something impossible.  They laughed and tried to change the little bird’s way of thinking about itself and the world around it.  Some of the birds did it from a place they thought was love.  They knew no bird could touch the sun, it would be too hot.  They didn’t want the bird to be hurt.  Others did it from a place of envy.  They had never dreamt as big as the little bird and they didn’t think it right that the little bird should do so.  Some were angry that the little bird should ever dare to rise higher then they thought it was meant to.

None of this deterred the little bird however and one bright, beautiful day, with clouds that looked like cotton balls scudding across the blue sky, it made up its mind.  It first flew to the tallest tree.  Then to the highest mountain.  And finally, when there was no higher perch, it soared.  It kept soaring never looking down, always looking ahead.  It beat its tiny wings and felt its heart pounding a thunderous rhythm.  Yet, it kept going, even when the air became thin, it just kept going.  

It ignore all doubt, all fear and kept on its Path.  It did not listen to the other birds that did not understand.  It simply did what it thought it could do, what its soul said it could do.  Even when all the other birds failed to understand what it was the little bird was trying to accomplish within itself, the little bird continued.

And finally it touched the sun.  

You can take meaning from this however you wish.

I wish you Peace.


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Bird

  1. luggagelady says:

    Because you inspire such deep thought with your beautiful words, I have nominated you for “One Lovely Blog Award” Thank you for sharing your art with the world! xo

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