Mouthing Off

So, everyone in the U.S. knows tomorrow is the day we go to the polls and vote.  It’s our right as Americans.  We recognize that there are other countries on the face of this planet that do not consider an individuals right to vote as important.  We, most of us, understand the privilege this is.

With rights, I believe, come responsibilities.  Actually,for me, all things come with responsibilities.  Actions, attitudes, beliefs, etc. 

Recently, I posted a comment on another blog about Haters.  You know, the people who are just miserable and can’t stand to see another human being happy?  I said that while I find social media and the Internet incredible in helping people connect, I am also very sensitive to the fact that it has allowed nameless, faceless Haters to emerge.  These people say whatever they feel and it’s usually wrapped up in some vitriolic, anger-filled diatribe.  They do not care upon whose others rights they tread, they simply intend to say what they wish to say and then cut and run, often times hiding behind some screen name.

Freedom of Speech is an inalienable right of my country, but I wish it came with a footnote about what it means to take this right seriously and act in accordance with this.  I’m not talking censorship.  Not at all. But I do think, like my mother taught me, if you’ve nothing good to say don’t say it at all.

Lately, there have been many occasions when I think I want to be heard and find myself formulating my speech while making my way to my little soapbox, only to sigh in the realization that I owe nothing to no one and it is only ego that is worming its way beneath my skin yet again to tempt me to spew something I wouldn’t otherwise say.  I’m learning self-control on this journey . . . among other things. 🙂

So, I find myself mouthing off, less and less.  Being angry less and less and releasing the pseudo control I thought I had on my Life by saying what I thought needs to be said.  Now, I take a deep breath and try to silence my mind.  I try to find beauty in the chaos of the moment and release the desire to be the big dog.

Once upon a time, long before I ever thought to change the direction of my Life Path, I believed if you didn’t defend yourself at every turn it would prove you were weak.  I have since learned those who remain silent in the face of extreme adversity are often filled with an inner strength I can only dream of.

Make the most of this day.  Honor those who fought to give us this right.  



2 thoughts on “Mouthing Off

  1. luggagelady says:

    I can’t tell you how much I LOVE THIS!! It’s a sincere privilege to count one so wise as a friend. Peace to you as well…

    • I feel the same. You words leave me breathless. It’s awesome to be able to read something and truly feel the emotions with which it was written. Thanks for your wisdom and insight. I am honored and humbled. Peace.

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