Every Day

Every day I fail.

Let me say that again on the off chance you think you didn’t read it right the first time…

Every.  Day.  I.  Fail.  Every single day I wake with the knowledge that somewhere, in some way, I will fail.

Many would say this is a pessimistic view.

I say it is a realistic view of being human.

Whether by word or thought or deed, I fail to match my behavior with what’s in my soul.


Because, my soul aspires to be so much more enlightened.  My soul wants my mind to let go and believe and trust in the Universe.  My soul wants me to always live only in the moment.  My soul wants me to embrace the impossible, to practice tolerance, to show compassion, to grant mercy, to just BE.

My ego does not want to give in to what my soul wants.

My heart, being of the unconditional sort, loves both my ego and my soul and wistfully wishes they could co-exist.

Ying.  And Yang.

But, what makes it bearable to know before my feet even touch the floor that I will fail, is that I am Learning and I am Loved.  And this is exactly where I need to be, in this moment.  I am learning to trust things greater than myself.  I am learning to love myself.  I am learning that much of my life is in my control.  I am learning to have patience in the grander Plan.

Failure is not fatal if you learn.  So every day I learn.  Every failure is an opportunity to grow.  So every failure serves a purpose.  This I must remind myself . . .

Every. Day.




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