Keep Going…

I know many people are in the process of struggling.  Some though are struggling not just to get by, but to make a dream come true. Tiny hopes, like the feather light brush of a butterfly’s wing stir in their hearts and it is these people I speak to today.

It is at times a blessing and a curse to have a dream.  Friends and family don’t always handle the news well.  Often times you become the black sheep because you strive to do something with odds perhaps a million to one.  Many people simply do not understand passion in terms of dreams.

It is at once a fire that burns very hot, a madness that can unhinge even the most stalwart of individuals and a quiet peace that comes from knowing this is the right Path for you.  Those with dreams, those that are not afraid to try to reach them, are my heroes.

My dreams keep me sane, even when those around me may laugh, or write them off.  My dreams stay with me even in the darkest moments, reminding me there is always sunlight after a storm.  And even if my dreams are sometimes elusive, I am still glad I have them.  I hold to them dearly but with the knowledge that the dreaming will never be enough.

Many people wish.  A wish is not a dream.  A wish is a thought, a hope, with nothing behind it.  A true dream is  something that requires action . . . real . . . concrete . . . hardcore action in the form of blood, sweat and tears.

I believe it is the struggle that makes the reaching of a dream all sweeter.  Working toward a dream tests everything you are made of, and somethings you didn’t even know you had.  It is at times a very lonely place with others around happy to be where they are at.  Dreams are unsafe and scary.  Dreams can be rebellious.  Others do not understand.

All that matters is that you know why it is you do what it is you do.  There will be more days of questioning if this is the right thing.  More days of doubting you may ever get there, wherever there is.  More days of wanting to simply give up.  Another failed competition, another rejection letter, another lost opportunity, another loss.

But, if you do not give up, all these experiences will serve to make you stronger.  It’s one of my favorite sayings, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.  I also know a high percentage of those with the same dream, will sadly give up, which means if all you do is keep that North Star in sight and keep trudging up the mountain whose top you cannot even see, you have just as much a chance as the next person.

Truly Dreaming isn’t for quitters.  It’s messy, raw, imperfect, and confusing.  No matter that, you just keep going.  Persevere.




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