The V.I.P. or Very Important Pebble

I’ll admit I don’t exactly meditate like the best of ’em.  I struggle to shut out all the white noise.  All the audio junk that fills my head with senseless thoughts.  But, every once in a while, I have an amazing visual session.  Here’s one I had a while back.  The message bears repeating.


A massive rock stood firm in an angry sea.  It rose up high and proud on the horizon and from the distance it looked as though the very top of the rock could scrape the sky.  Waves crashed against it, and swirled around it like hungry wolves, looking for a way in, instead they were reduced to nothing more than white wisps of foamy spray, to the casual observer.

I felt strength in the rock.  I felt as if nothing could break it apart.  It was a beacon to those sailing on the endless waves of water and even though that water was constantly at war with the rock, the rock never relented.

I would be the rock.  I would stand alone, tall and proud.  I would let the world know I was here.

But, trying on the rock for size I realized that something wasn’t right.  The rock upon more careful consideration was waging a war it could never win.  It was unmoving, true, but, in life, the things that don’t move and remain firmly rooted in place, eventually break, or as in the rocks’ case become reduce bit by bit, year by year, eon by eon, to nothing more than rubble.

“But if I am not to be the rock, then what am I to be?” I remember asking the Universe, confused that the image I first held in my mind was incorrect.

“Be the pebble,” came my inner voice.

“Why would I want to be a pebble?” I asked.

“Not just a pebble, a very important pebble,” replied the voice.

I scoffed at the idea that something as tiny and insignificant as a pebble could ever be important, but then the image changed and there instead of the enormous wall of stone before me a beach spread out.  It was so beautiful and beneath the suns’ warm rays and the spray of the water it twinkled with all the colors of a rainbow.  There was no one stone that stood out.  Instead as I walked across this beach I was struck by the fact that it was made up of millions of tiny pebbles.

“Every pebble was once a massive rock that failed to surrender to the twists and turns of Life.  It was worn away until all that was left was a tiny stone.  Alone one single stone would be no significant thing, but all the pebbles gathered together create something more beautiful than ever the rock could be, and now when Life brings its sorrows to this beach’s shores, the pebbles merely float along, moving from here and there, continuing their journey,” the voice explained.

I felt myself smile even though my eyes were closed.  I had been so quick to assume the rock was the thing that represented what I was to be but in the end I learned I could not be on the Journey alone and so surrounded by other very important pebbles, we create a beautiful place for one another to thrive.

In other words, for me, it was foolish to continue to think going it alone all the time and thinking only of myself was the way to be.  Instead, I should to learn to share my burdens and the lessons I have learned.  By doing that, I become no longer just of value to myself, instead, I am of value to something greater.

Sometimes the first thing that comes to mind bears deeper reflection.

Peace and Pebbles.


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