All That You Leave Behind

Legacy is such a big word.  It implies something epic.  Something huge.  Something that will leave a lasting impression on this earth.

But, I think legacy can be very personal if you make it a point to choose what you wish to leave behind.  Maybe only a few will know.  Maybe no one will.  The only person that matters is you in the end.

What type of energy do you wish to leave the world with?  Do you want to be an instrument of peace or an engine of war?  Do you wish to further the cause of selflessness or selfishness?  Do you want to be remembered by those who know you as one who tried, in their very own way to make the world a better place or would you be okay knowing the people around you pretty much thought you were a nice person but kind of a douche?

It’s all in your control.  Money doesn’t dictate your legacy and neither does your social standing.  You’ve heard it said a million times that you can’t take it with you when you go so all the expensive things in the world will mean nothing once you have left here.  But, again it’s up to you.  You can decide, if, in some small way you’d rather move the world forward by being an example of someone who cared about others and really lived life to the fullest with whatever hand they were dealt, or… you can determine that it’s all about you and you don’t really care what anyone else may think or feel when you’re gone.

For me, it’s less about anyone knowing what really made me seize the day and more about knowing that in my own way, somehow, I chose to honor and respect the world around me, every day.  I may never win a Nobel Prize or win an Oscar, or even win the lottery for that matter, but within my soul, I am at peace knowing I started every day with the intention of causing harm to none.




One thought on “All That You Leave Behind

  1. wayne aka super weenis says:

    I agree, it’s all about how u live ur life in a positive way and shareing it with others. There is nothing better than that.

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