The Kite Or The Cloud

I was thinking today how awesome it would be to be buffeted about, high above the ground, in the chill autumn  breeze as if I were a kite.  What a perspective I would have.  I wouldn’t be so close to everything.  Instead I’d have an amazing view of not just my immediate surroundings but of the outlying area as well.  I could drift here and there but still remain connected to home as a kite has a string that anchors it to something.  There is a certain level of safety that comes with knowing that while I may soar high, I would always return.  I would never be lost.

Then I thought about the cloud.  It has no anchor.  It is held by nothing and accountable to no one.  It moves, drifts, scuds, rolls and roils across the sky wherever the wind may take it.  The cloud can get even higher than the kite.  It can see ever further.  It has a perspective that is wide-reaching and encompasses more than the narrower view of the kite.  But, with nothing to hold it in place, the cloud can become lost or as lost as one can becomes if not grounded to anything.  It may be free to see the entire world as it exists in the stratosphere but it doesn’t ever remain in one place very long.

So which are you?  Are you the kite, that ventures only so far, or are you the cloud that has no boundaries?  Are you the kite that remains in a familiar place or are you the cloud that adventures to places most people only dream of?  Do you wait for the right breeze to lift your sails or do you strike out into the unknown, trusting the breeze will come?



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