My Little Experiment


So, I’m trying to become a more enlightened individual on this planet.  I’m trying to not let things that used to send me into the stratosphere affect me.  I’m trying to worry less and laugh more.  It’s a concentrated effort but like any habit-forming behavior I’m hoping, someday, the ability to divorce myself from that nagging voice that plays nonstop, will be mine.  It’s just not there on a full-time basis yet and I confess to slipping a bit into the old habits of me.  Sigh.


This morning I determined I was going to take my salutation to, and gratitude for, the universe one step further than my dwelling.  This morning I would remain in touch with that other side of me.  The one that disconnects from all the garbage and noise that fills my head.  As it was still dark out, there were very few people on the road.  This made my experiment seem easy.


Every time I passed a car going the opposite direction I silently spoke the words ‘Peace Be With You’.  When I came to an intersection, I acknowledged all the other cars and again uttered ‘Peace Be With You’ silently.  Though my drive to work isn’t too long, the sun was rising.  I noticed more cars.  It got harder to be sure I gave my blessing to every car I saw.  I got to a busy intersection where it was pretty impossible to say it to every car so I wondered if it counted if I simply tossed the greeting to those in that general direction.


The same minor problem plagued me as I passed buses full of school children.  I couldn’t bless them all individually before they passed by me on the road so an over all general wish would have to be enough.  But then, I noticed a fire station, and then a hospital and I drove through an industrial park and got stopped by a train.  My head was so filled with ‘Peace Be With You’, I couldn’t think of anything else.


I pulled into the parking lot where I work and realized, for once, I hadn’t been frustrated or gotten angry by a single person.  Oh, sure, someone cut me off, but instead of allowing myself to waste energy grousing about something I couldn’t control, I fixated my thoughts on something I could.  My positive thoughts were my own.  And even though they were said in my head to all those hundreds of people, including at least one plane when it flew overhead, I like to think that somewhere along the way someone else was doing the same exact same thing when they saw my car.

Peace Be With You.







2 thoughts on “My Little Experiment

  1. oliviaobryon says:

    This is so beautiful. I am trying to become a more enlightened individual myself. This week I repeated the words my students are a gift each time I had any less than positive thought. It helps. A lot. I am going to have to remember to try blessing cars. What a beautiful, beautiful idea.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. Nice to know I didn’t screw up the whole blog world…yet. I have been trying each morning to follow this new ritual. I know I need it to become a habit. Some days I am better at it than others. I love the ‘students are a gift’ reminder. Glad I can help. 🙂

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